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Bellator Firearms Training LLC

Gardnerville, Nevada Bellator Firearms Training started because there were no female self-defense/firearms instructors in the area. So in 2012 Bellator Firearms Training was started. It was immediately apparent that a well-trained instructor was much needed. We have grown since then and have added more instructors and partnered with local businesses in order to get the word out. Our main focus is empowering women and teaching them how to properly and effectively protect themselves in a safe and controlled environment. We have launched our own clothing line and custom jewelry in our gun Boutique and training facility in Gardnerville. If you haven't stopped by, come in a say hi we would love to see you.

Our Mission

Bellator Firearms Training was formed to provide quality self-defense training in Firearms and hand to hand tactics to ensure safety, promote confidence, and provide strategic planning for Today’s ever-changing environment. We strive to empower women and all who think they can't protect themselves.

The Meaning of Bellator

Bellator is Latin (Roman) for Warrior Warriors are the masters of armed combat and defense, taking the point in battles and going head-to-head with the most dangerous in a situation.  

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