Dee Adams

Rio Oso


Rio Oso, California

DAFAST serves Northern California covering six counties for Concealed Carry. We train in one of the Safest Classrooms in California, Beale Air Force Base, The vast open spaces there make it easy for Rifle, Shotgun, Hand Gun, Skeet, Paintball, and Archery. This is a public range that enjoys all the protections of the US Military. After becoming A Well Armed Woman, it was obvious that my passion for women to "PRACTICE" and have access to qualified instructors needed to be developed. I soon embarked on a training mission that continues to this day. I've studied firearm instruction from the best women instructors in the United States. Those include Carrie Lightfoot, Donna Anthony, Gabby Franco, Becky Bowen, Vicki Farnham and Debbie MacDonald to name just a few. I never stop training and I'll never stop training you!

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