• Judy Rawls


    Instructor: Judy Rawls
    Email: jrawls@siu.edu
    Phone: (618) 534-2480

    Judy Rawls Murphysboro, Illinois I believe we all have the inalienable right to protect ourselves from those seeking to do Read more [...]

  • Ann Burke

    Pingree Grove

    Instructor: Ann Burke
    Email: Ann.burke1011@yahoo.com
    Phone: (630) 433-8581

    Pingree Grove, IL I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I got involved with firearms while dealing with a stalker. Read more [...]

  • Lori Sanner


    Instructor: Lori Sanner
    Email: Lsanner55@yahoo.com

    Lori Sanner Moweaqua, Illinois Teaching firearms and personal protection basics since December 2012. Small classes, private range in the country. Read more [...]