Cara Conry


Spirit Firearms Training, LLC

Bentonville, Arkansas

My passion is to help people become more confident and competent with firearms and personal safety through education and guided training in a more personal setting. Most classes are one-on-one or with a max class size of 3 to 4 students. Any larger and I believe that it diminishes the guidance and attention that I like to give my students. The premise behind the name and use of “Spirit” is three-fold. One is for our 2nd amendment right for firearm ownership (American spirit), but also spirit is in the sense of empowering people (especially women) through education and practice to protect themselves, as well as showing that firearms can also be an enjoyable pastime, as in competitions and hunting. Finally, the third represents my Christian beliefs and the Trinity, especially the Holy Spirit, who is with us and guides us at all times, as a part of God and Jesus in my life.

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