April Skye Parsons


April Skye Defense Tactics

Visalia, California

Some people that are new to firearms may feel scared or intimidated by them. But with a little instruction, you will find out that guns are like Pez candy dispensers and actually amazingly easy to understand! Whether you are a new shooter who is looking for information as to the complete gun buying process or experienced and looking to get your CCW permit, April will guide you through the process. April always says, “Stay Alert, Stay Alive” and firmly advocates that it is important to learn ways to help keep yourself safe with preventative strategies, such as avoiding conflict, situational awareness, understanding lethal and deadly force, and other methods of self-protection. Understanding when you can use a firearm for defense and what do to if you need to defend yourself is necessary. Knowing these may help to protect yourself in a violent encounter and the aftermath that follows. Carrying a gun, in the beginning, may not be comfortable, but it is a comfort knowing that you have now become your own first responder in a crisis.

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  • Beverly Cox
    2 years ago

    I did my CCW with April. She is an excellent instructor and helped me pick the right hand gun. She even set up one day a week for women to shoot at the range free. You won’t find a more concerned instructor for her students. She ensured all went smoothly.

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