• Rhonda Allen


    Instructor: Rhonda Allen
    Email: armedangelstraining@gmail.com
    Phone: (919) 625-2988

    Armed Angels Training Louisburg, North Carolina Armed Angels Training will dedicate itself to all that have a safe attitude while Read more [...]

  • Brandy Lengning


    Instructor: Brandy Lengning
    Email: vctwaw@gmail.com
    Phone: (805) 804-7406

    VCTWAW Chapter Leader Instructor Piru, California Firearms instruction is a passion of mine that I love to share with others. Read more [...]

  • Connie Cline

    Mt Vernon

    Instructor: Connie Cline
    Email: centralohiosafetysolutions@gmail.com
    Phone: (740) 501-0627

    Central Ohio Safety Solutions LLC Mount Vernon, Ohio At Central Ohio Safety Solutions we are passionate about providing quality personal Read more [...]

  • Jamie Green


    Instructor: Jamie Green
    Email: jbowe64492@aol.com
    Phone: (479) 263-3695

    NADM Firearms Training Huntsville, Arkansas My husband and I share this business and I am happy to say he is Read more [...]

  • Judith Levine


    Instructor: Judith Levine
    Email: levine.judy8@gmail.com
    Phone: (434) 962-2826

    Rivanna Rifle and Pistol Club Charlottesville, Virginia Volunteer Instructor at Rivanna Rifle and Pistol Range for the monthly NRA Basic Read more [...]

  • Patricia Harrold


    Instructor: Patricia Harrold
    Email: trish@incendiotraining.com
    Phone: (402) 213-5600

    Incendio, LLC Plattsmouth, Nebraska Our training organization was founded in 2016 to provide a professional, engaging, customer-oriented training experience for Read more [...]

  • Heidi Bergmann-Schoch


    Instructor: Heidi Bergmann-Schoch
    Email: TWAWJerseyShoreOC@gmail.com

    ScotShot Milltown, New Jersey Heidi has an engaging teaching style that is both educational and inclusive. Coming from a police Read more [...]

  • Vicki Rhodes

    Front Royal

    Instructor: Vicki Rhodes
    Email: vickicrhodes@gmail.com
    Phone: (703) 298-4793

    Vicki Rhodes Front Royal, Virginia NRA Basic Pistol Instructor with private range. Small class size tailored to your goals. Private Read more [...]

  • Kim Royal


    Instructor: Kim Royal
    Email: kroyal71@gmail.com
    Phone: (727) 518-5850

    Royal Firearms Training Clearwater, Florida My passion is training and educating women to feel secure in their knowledge of and Read more [...]

  • Amy Propernick


    Instructor: Amy Propernick
    Email: apropernick@yahoo.com
    Phone: (303) 641-8750

    Colorado Caliber, LLC Brighton, Colorado I am the owner/instructor at Colorado Caliber, LLC currently teaching firearm safety classes to men, Read more [...]

  • Kari Grayson

    San Antonio

    Instructor: Kari Grayson
    Email: kari@license2kari.com
    Phone: (210) 478-0386

    License2Kari San Antonio, Texas License to Kari is dedicated to providing quality firearm training and instruction to its students in Read more [...]

  • Susan Traxler


    Instructor: Susan Traxler
    Email: smtraxler@gmail.com

    Susan Traxler Dorr, Michigan My mission is to help women discover the world of recreational and defensive shooting, and guide Read more [...]

  • Katie Mattison

    St. Petersburg

    Instructor: Katie Mattison
    Email: katie@ktmtraining.com
    Phone: (727) 280-5689

    KTM Training Saint Petersburg, Florida KTM Training exists to provide self-protection education and related training for individuals and businesses. Through Read more [...]

  • Naomi Moss


    Instructor: Naomi Moss
    Email: info@greenhornoutfitter.com
    Phone: (661) 319-5426

    Greenhorn Outfitter LLC Bakersfield, California Naomi Moss has been instructing firearms since 2012. In addition to being a NRA Certified Read more [...]

  • Kristie Kiphart


    Instructor: Kristie Kiphart
    Email: kkiphart@cinci.rr.com
    Phone: (937) 218-2512

    Kristie Kiphart   I strive to uplift and help women become educated, empowered, equipped and better trained in today’s world. Read more [...]

  • Barbara Purvis


    Instructor: Barbara Purvis
    Email: bapurvis56@gmail.com
    Phone: (317) 441-4207

    Rats End Professional Firearms Training Indianapolis, Indiana Women training women. Keep yourself and family safe, learn and maintain your skills. Read more [...]

  • Joanne Schickle


    Instructor: Joanne Schickle
    Email: josch46@q.com
    Phone: (928) 502-1298

    Joanne Schickle Yuma, Arizona I love to train women to shoot responsibly and safely. My passion is also to teach Read more [...]

  • Barbara Holland


    Instructor: Barbara Holland
    Email: barbholl13@gmail.com
    Phone: (615) 202-2540

    Southern Shield Maiden LLC Springfield, Tennessee My history with shooting started in 1982 when I bought my first handgun not Read more [...]

  • Suzy Burros


    Instructor: Suzy Burros
    Email: suzyburros@comcast.net
    Phone: (520) 400-8616

    Suzanne L Burros LLC Payson, Az I love teaching those new to firearms! Having safety and basic firearm skills in Read more [...]

  • Dana Shaw


    Instructor: Dana Shaw
    Email: dreiner2@yahoo.com

    Dana Shaw Austin, Texas My goal is to help women empower themselves by gaining confidence through becoming comfortable and proficient Read more [...]

  • Catherine Parks


    Instructor: Catherine Parks
    Email: catparks@gmail.com
    Phone: (541) 805-8645

    The Well Armed Woman–La Grande Shooting Chapter Cove, Oregon Catherine Parks La Grande, Oregon My goal is to provide women Read more [...]

  • Deborah Johnson


    Instructor: Deborah Johnson
    Email: debbie.johnson.np@gmail.com
    Phone: (252) 361-4752

    Deborah Johnson Kinston, North Carolina husband and wife instructors that gear our classes for women who may have never shot Read more [...]

  • Alison Wolford


    Instructor: Alison Wolford
    Email: mauiali808@gmail.com
    Phone: (808) 357-6205

    SAST, Inc Lahaina, Hawaii Safety, Protection, Practice and the basics are the most important with firearms. We hope to help Read more [...]

  • Sherry Grasso


    Instructor: Sherry Grasso
    Email: sherry.grasso@gmail.com
    Phone: (908) 798-4102

    Sherry Grasso Hackettstown, New Jersey My passion is to Educate, Empower and Equip women and new shooters on the safe Read more [...]

  • Cyn Ladd


    Instructor: Cyn Ladd
    Email: cynladd@icloud.com
    Phone: (507) 381-9797

    Cyn Ladd Smart Woman Defense Mankato, Minnesota Sometimes the unthinkable can happen. If or when it does I believe every Read more [...]

  • Julie Hofstetter


    Instructor: Julie Hofstetter
    Email: jmonlux@aol.com
    Phone: (303) 726-2227

    Julie Hofstetter Broomfield, Colorado My passion is for teaching women to choose not to be a victim. I have chosen Read more [...]

  • Judy Rawls


    Instructor: Judy Rawls
    Email: jrawls@siu.edu
    Phone: (618) 534-2480

    Judy Rawls Murphysboro, Illinois I believe we all have the inalienable right to protect ourselves from those seeking to do Read more [...]

  • Melinda Heavrin


    Instructor: Melinda Heavrin
    Email: twaw.ky.louisville@gmail.com

    Melinda Heavrin Louisville, Kentucky I am Pro-Self Protection and love to educate, equip and empower women to better protect themselves. Read more [...]

  • Pia Boling

    Fair Oaks

    Instructor: Pia Boling
    Email: soptraining.pb@gmail.com
    Phone: (916) 864-3038

    Standard Operating Procedures Training Fair Oaks, California We believe that everything you learn in life, you always go back to Read more [...]

  • Debbie Harper

    Spring Hope

    Instructor: Debbie Harper
    Email: debbie@ngpdnc.com
    Phone: (252) 813-1985

    New Ground Personal Defense LLC Spring Hope, North Carolina NRA Certified Instructor training team that offers firearm training. Our primary Read more [...]

  • Jenifer O’Hara

    Red Bluff

    Instructor: Jenifer O\'Hara
    Email: jen@gwgclothing.com
    Phone: 530.567.5165

    Jenifer O’Hara Red Bluff, California My name is Jen O’Hara and I am the co-founder and CEO of Girls with Read more [...]

  • Raggin Compton


    Instructor: Raggin Compton
    Email: CCATraining@ComptonCombatArms.com
    Phone: (407) 533-9122

    Compton Combat Arms Orlando, Florida We are dedicated to providing safe, effective firearm ownership. This drive to revolutionize firearm training Read more [...]

  • Melissa Wright


    Instructor: Melissa Wright
    Email: sweetmissa2015@gmail.com
    Phone: (757) 404-1033

    Melissa Wright Newly certified, but eager to share my knowledge with others in safe and proper gun use. Read more [...]

  • Ann Burke

    Pingree Grove

    Instructor: Ann Burke
    Email: Ann.burke1011@yahoo.com
    Phone: (630) 433-8581

    Pingree Grove, IL I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I got involved with firearms while dealing with a stalker. Read more [...]

  • Kelly Brown

    El Sobrante

    Instructor: Kelly Brown
    Email: Shesapistol2a@yahoo.com
    Phone: (510) 529-9602

    Kelly Brown El Sobrante, California My training is specialized for new shooters, advanced shooters and folks looking to train themselves Read more [...]

  • Waleska Wechsler

    Pinellas Park

    Instructor: Waleska Wechsler
    Email: waleskavirtualrecoil@gmail.com

    Virtual Recoil LLC Pinellas Park, Florida My name is Waleska also known as Wally, I’m a Certified NRA and The Read more [...]

  • Karen Schrader


    Instructor: Karen Schrader
    Email: kschrader5009@gmail.com
    Phone: (806) 681-3713

    P23:4 Training & Instruction Claude, Texas Always alert and ever vigilant. P23:4 INSTRUCTION AND TRAINING, LLC·MONDAY, MARCH 18, 2019 Most Read more [...]

  • Jenni OQuinn


    Instructor: Jenni OQuinn
    Email: jennioquinn@gmail.com
    Phone: (601) 672-1528

    WCJO, LLC Brandon, Mississippi I enjoy helping women improve their shooting ability and confidence through learning and practicing fundamentals. I Read more [...]

  • Libby Young


    Instructor: Libby young
    Email: LibbyY@RangemastersIA.com
    Phone: (515) 371-8694

    Rangemasters Training Center Clive, Iowa I am dedicated to providing a safe, comfortable, and fun learning environment to develop solid Read more [...]

  • Cherie Sintes-Glover


    Instructor: Cherie Sintes-Glover
    Email: reddotselfdefense@gmail.com
    Phone: (209) 920-7162

    Red Dot Self Defense Linden, California Red Dot Self Defense offers private, small-group or one-on-one coaching sessions focused on personal Read more [...]

  • Jennifer Smith

    Fair Oaks

    Instructor: Jennifer Smith
    Email: OODAFirearmsTraining@yahoo.com
    Phone: (209) 743-2785

    OODA Firearms Training Fair Oaks, California Offering one-on-one private training with a focus on safety. My goal is to empower Read more [...]

  • Erika Friend


    Instructor: Erika Friend
    Email: efriend37@gmail.com
    Phone: (541) 571-6811

    Erika Friend Hermiston, Oregon We each have our own personal protection journey, I am here to help you navigate yours. Read more [...]

  • Char Lynn-Schroeder


    Instructor: Char Lynn-Schroeder
    Email: Kurvykat2002@yahoo.com
    Phone: (231) 220-4045

    Char Lynn-Schroeder Muskegon, Michigan I teach other women safety & self-defense with firearms. If you would like an introduction to Read more [...]

  • Kim Caldwell


    Instructor: Kim Caldwell
    Email: leadandlace505@yahoo.com
    Phone: (505) 444-0684

    Lead & Lace Ladies Firearm Training, LLC Bloomfield, New Mexico I have been a firearms instructor since 1993. While living Read more [...]

  • Ginger Danner-Duncan

    Farmer City

    Instructor: Ginger Danner-Duncan
    Email: 111CCWTraining@gmail.com
    Phone: (217) 202-0072

    111CCW Firearm Education and Training Farmer City, Illinois Helping people attain knowledge to get their firearm handling and shooting skills Read more [...]

  • Lynda Wilson

    Grove City

    Instructor: Lynda Wilson
    Email: lyndawilson49@gmail.com
    Phone: (614) 679-2483

    Dragonfly Warrior Group Grove City, Ohio Dragonfly Warrior Group was created to promote the education of safe and responsible firearm Read more [...]

  • Brittany Engels

    Cedar Rapids

    Instructor: Brittany Engels
    Email: Brittany.duin@yahoo.com

    Brittany Engels Cedar Rapids, Iowa I specialize in handgun familiarization. I want new shooters to feel comfortable and confident with Read more [...]

  • Diane Henderson


    Instructor: Diane Henderson
    Email: Diane@americanfreedomfirearmstraining.com
    Phone: (903) 662-1238

    American Freedom Firearms Training, LLC Marshall, Texas We run a pistol and long distance rifle range where we have archery Read more [...]

  • Jessica Braun


    Instructor: Jessica Braun
    Email: JessicaMBraun@gmail.com
    Phone: (518) 309-8550

    Jessica Braun Rotterdam, New York A concealed carrier for nearly 2 decades, Jessica has been teaching formally for 5+ years, Read more [...]

  • Georgia Taje


    Instructor: Georgia Taje
    Email: georgia.taje@gmail.com
    Phone: (772) 925-9145

    Georgia’s Concierge Sebastian, Florida I am a widowed mother of four children who decided to take mine & my children’s Read more [...]

  • Kendall VonFeldt


    Instructor: Kendall VonFeldt
    Email: kendall@1on1safefirearmtraining.com
    Phone: (720) 438-8430

    Defensive Shooting Labs LLC Carr, Colorado Specializing in Female Friendly Instruction and Training. We believe that in order to have Read more [...]

  • Cheryl Dobler


    Instructor: Cheryl Dobler
    Email: jacdobl@gmail.com
    Phone: (719) 349-1802

    CD’s Training LLC Burlington, Colorado Working with woman to learn the safe use of firearms either for recreation or self-defense. Read more [...]

  • Lori Schulze

    6400 Jericho Turnpike

    Instructor: Lori Schulze
    Email: twaw.longisland@gmail.com
    Phone: (631) 495-0500

    Lori Schulze Commack, New York To educate, equip and empower women on the safe use of firearms in a non-threatening Read more [...]

  • Jodie Zamer


    Instructor: Jodie Zamer
    Email: jodie@bitemek9.com
    Phone: (517) 240-6121

    Jodie Zamer Jackson, Michigan   Read more [...]

  • Patricia Reiss

    Three Forks

    Instructor: Patricia Reiss
    Email: 3forksmags@gmail.com
    Phone: (518) 755-1819

    Montana Tactical Firearms Instruction Inc Three Forks, Montana A transplant from New York since 2016, I happily reside in Montana Read more [...]

  • Tonya Franklin

    Crystal Lake

    Instructor: Tonya Franklin
    Email: tonyaforil@gmail.com
    Phone: (575) 430-4470

    ACT FAST Training Academy Crystal Lake, Illinois My name is Tonya Franklin I have 23 years of teaching experience in Read more [...]

  • Donna Martorano


    Instructor: Donna Martorano
    Email: dstriginta@gmail.com
    Phone: (616) 648-4208

    Integritas Firearms Ada, Michigan Our mission at Integritas Firearms Training is to provide a safe environment for quality learning of Read more [...]

  • Annemarie Faucher

    Salt Lake City

    Instructor: Annemarie Faucher
    Email: twawannemarie@gmail.com
    Phone: (801) 574-5047

    Salt Lake City, UT Certified firearm instructor for private training or group instruction. Read more [...]

  • Kimberly LaFave


    Instructor: Kimberly LaFave
    Email: commonsensesafety@gmail.com

    Common Sense Safety LLC Leesburg, Virginia Common Sense Safety LLC is committed to empowering women to make and implement common Read more [...]

  • Jennifer Griffin


    Instructor: Jennifer Griffin
    Email: Eaglerosetraining@comcast.net
    Phone: (616) 274-7324

    Eagle Rose Firearms Training Jenison, Michigan We are a West Michigan firearms and personal safety training company. Our goal is Read more [...]

  • Ann Kimball


    Instructor: Ann Kimball
    Email: AnnKimballRN@gmail.com
    Phone: (203) 577-9347

    Ann Kimball Derby, Connecticut I love to educate and empower all ages on firearm safety and instruction. I believe in Read more [...]

  • Jan Allinder


    Instructor: Jan Allinder
    Email: register@boondocksfta.com
    Phone: (769) 972-2382

    Boondocks FTA Raymond, Mississippi I did not start shooting until about 20 years ago. Since then, I’ve taken a lot Read more [...]

  • Staci Claunch

    Hot Springs

    Instructor: Staci Claunch
    Email: Gunlife4ever@yahoo.com
    Phone: (501) 617-9987

    Gunlife Hot Springs, Arkansas As a wife, mom, Veteran, and 2nd Amendment supporter, my goal is to train and help Read more [...]

  • Kathy Curry

    Kansas City

    Instructor: Kathy Curry
    Email: Lambfirearmtraining@gmail.com
    Phone: (816) 225-7928

    Lamb Firearm Training LLC Kansas City, Missouri We are a family owned business that focuses on teaching women self-defense classes Read more [...]

  • Sheila Brey


    Instructor: Sheila Brey
    Email: slbrey06@gmail.com
    Phone: (315) 625-4347

    GunGal, LLC Parish, New York From first shots to fine tuning – Gungal has the competitive edge. Read more [...]

  • Kriss Costa


    Instructor: Kriss Costa
    Email: Workinclassranch@yahoo.com
    Phone: (831) 635-0569

    J&K Firearms Training Hollister, California Kriss Costa, along with Janet Norris, team teach through J&K Firearms Training. As instructors with Read more [...]

  • Janet Norris


    Instructor: Janet Norris
    Email: Janet_Norris_2000@Yahoo.com
    Phone: (408) 804-3044

    Janet R Norris Hollister, California Offering Beginning Pistol classes in the Hollister and San Jose areas, and individual coaching sessions. Read more [...]

  • Dee Adams

    Rio Oso

    Instructor: Dee Adams
    Email: dafastraining@gmail.com
    Phone: (916) 838-4926

    DAFAST Rio Oso, California DAFAST serves Northern California covering six counties for Concealed Carry. We train in one of the Read more [...]

  • Carol Rozek

    Pleasant Hill

    Instructor: Carol Rozek
    Email: carol@thecognitivedefender.com
    Phone: (541) 844-6154

    The Cognitive Defender LLC Pleasant Hill, Oregon The Cognitive Defender offers a variety of firearm safety and concealed carry classes Read more [...]

  • Lynn Webb


    Instructor: Lynn Webb
    Email: eepdt15@gmail.com
    Phone: (662) 816-2310

    Eagle Eye Personal Defense, LLC Oxford, Mississippi I am the Owner/Instructor of Eagle Eye Personal Defense, LLC. I believe citizens Read more [...]

  • Kimberly Clemens

    Piney Flats

    Instructor: Kimberly Clemens
    Email: Kim.clem@hotmail.com
    Phone: (423) 483-5343

    Kimberly Henderson-Clemens Piney Flats, Tennessee Kimberly enjoys working with new and novice shooters. She especially enjoys working with women. Read more [...]

  • Ann Ramsey


    Instructor: Ann Ramsey
    Email: aramsey134@hotmail.com
    Phone: (520) 237-1793

    Ann Ramsey Kearny, Arizona My passion is mentoring and instructing shooting, hunting, and self-defense. My journey has been totally awesome. Read more [...]

  • Juliane Starner

    Council Bluffs

    Instructor: Juliane Starner
    Email: Mjstarner@cox.net
    Phone: (402) 650-7437

    Juliane Starner Council Bluffs, Iowa Educating and empowering women with the confidence to own and use a firearm is my Read more [...]

  • Margaret Bentzen


    Instructor: Margaret Bentzen
    Email: Margaretbentzen@msn.com
    Phone: (928) 225-7951

    Fem Firearms and Safety Training Flagstaff, Arizona Retired Law Enforcement specializing in teaching women shooters. Read more [...]

  • Anne Willis

    Iron Station

    Instructor: Anne Willis
    Email: Anne@WillisDefenseNC.com
    Phone: (704) 609-9953

    Willis Defense LLC Iron Station, North Carolina Willis Defense is committed to empowering everyone to become their own first line Read more [...]

  • Kristy Trusiak


    Instructor: Kristy Trusiak
    Email: twawccapemay@gmail.com
    Phone: (609) 780-1502

    Kristy Trusiak Villas, New Jersey I believe every woman should own a firearm and know how to use it. My Read more [...]

  • Jennifer Paxton


    Instructor: Jennifer Paxton
    Email: mvft.jenn@gmail.com
    Phone: (479) 422-2748

    Mountain Valley Firearms Training Mountainburg, Arkansas Through the world of The Well Armed Woman, my husband and I met on Read more [...]

  • Marge Smoll


    Instructor: Marge Smoll
    Email: margesmoll4@gmail.com
    Phone: (734) 347-7368

    Marge Smoll Temperance, Michigan My goal is to educate women about firearms and firearm safety, by introducing all levels of Read more [...]

  • Holly Hott


    Instructor: Holly Hott
    Email: hollylhott@gmail.com
    Phone: (970) 749-5968

    Hott Wings Shooting Academy Ignacio, Colorado We provide training to improve your skills and to gain confidence with your personal Read more [...]

  • Jan Ennenga


    Instructor: Jan Ennenga
    Email: Jan@RockingNF.com
    Phone: (928) 726-0022

    Rocking NF Defense Yuma, Arizona My passion is helping women learn to safely and responsibly be their own self protectors Read more [...]

  • Jennifer Gentry


    Instructor: Jennifer Gentry
    Email: yourgungal@gmail.com
    Phone: (484) 634-2981

    Brassy Sass Henderson, North Carolina In 2014 I became a chapter leader of the Lehigh Valley chapter of The Well Read more [...]

  • Shelia Rosario

    North Fort Myers

    Instructor: Shelia Rosario
    Email: blackdogdefensellc@gmail.com
    Phone: (317) 828-0785

    Black Dog Defense, LLC North Fort Myers, Florida Our mission is to present women with safe, premium and professional instruction Read more [...]

  • Jude A Wilder Roberts


    Instructor: Jude A Wilder Roberts
    Email: judeawilderrobertstwaw@gmail.com

    Jude A Wilder Roberts Nashville, Tennessee I am a certified firearms instructor in the Nashville area. Read more [...]

  • Karla Mooney

    22300 Washington Grove Ln

    Instructor: Karla Mooney
    Email: mooney.karla@gmail.com
    Phone: (904) 718-4088

    Top Notch Trainers LLC Leonardtown, Maryland We have been teaching Firearms safety for many years, we have a passion to Read more [...]

  • Teri Exner


    Instructor: Teri Exner
    Email: firearmsnwa@icloud.com
    Phone: (479) 366-4824

    Firearms Academy of NWA Bentonville, Arkansas At Firearms Academy of NWA, we strive to make gun safety and gun handling Read more [...]

  • Noreen Sudder


    Instructor: Noreen Sudder
    Email: nsudder@gmail.com

    Noreen Sudder Washingtonville, New York I specialize in educating women and new shooters on the safe use and handling of Read more [...]

  • Dawn Dolpp


    Instructor: Dawn Dolpp
    Email: Dawn_Dolpp@yahoo.com
    Phone: (434) 770-1972

    EmpowerU, LLC Axton, Virginia As a petite female who frequently felt vulnerable traveling alone all over the east coast Dawn Read more [...]

  • Donna Resnick


    Instructor: Donna Resnick
    Email: donna.resnick@gmail.com
    Phone: (907) 301-1030

    RPA Firearms Training, LLC Anchorage, Alaska Donna is an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor with Personal Protection in the Home credentials Read more [...]

  • Deb Wolf


    Instructor: Deb Wolf
    Email: Deborah.wollf@gmail.com
    Phone: (928) 606-7182

    Deb Wolf Flagstaff, Arizona My mission is to empower people, especially women, to be able to defend themselves and their Read more [...]

  • Patti Bonnie

    The Villages

    Instructor: Patti Bonnie
    Email: usmcpibb@gmail.com
    Phone: 407 312-3961

    Insight Defensive Training  The Villages, Florida My greatest accomplishment has been serving our country as a United States Marine for Read more [...]

  • Toni Gleeson


    Instructor: Toni Gleeson
    Email: tonitwaw@gmail.com
    Phone: (623) 523-2838

    KSA Unlimited LLC Phoenix, Arizona Toni Gleeson has been instructing firearms since 2013. Toni started formal training to become a Read more [...]

  • Allison Tormondsen


    Instructor: Allison Tormondsen
    Email: atormondsen@msn.com
    Phone: (303) 888-0091

    Allison Tormondsen Erda, Utah I understand the fears that come with gun ownership but skills and safety training will disspell Read more [...]

  • Peggy York


    Instructor: Peggy York
    Email: yorkp47@gmail.com
    Phone: (210) 414-5874

    Peggy York Alba, Texas I feel every person needs the knowledge and skills to protect themselves. And I am here Read more [...]

  • Peggy Ray


    Instructor: Peggy Ray
    Phone: (865) 898-2890

    Team Ray Enterprises, LLC Rogersville, Tennessee Committed to training women in a supportive manner with strict code of professionalism and Read more [...]

  • Kimberly Sims

    Johnson City

    Instructor: Kimberly Sims
    Email: kimbsims@gmail.com
    Phone: (423) 612-3072

    Kimberly Sims Johnson City, Tennessee The choice to take responsibility for your own safety, and the choice of a firearm Read more [...]

  • Hannah Curry

    Kansas City

    Instructor: Hannah Curry
    Email: Lambfirearmtraining@gmail.com
    Phone: (816) 225-7928

    Lamb Firearm Training Kansas City, Missouri Lamb firearm training is a family owned company. We offer small class sizes in Read more [...]

  • Betty Wilson


    Instructor: Betty Wilson
    Email: bwilson44@att.net
    Phone: (601) 301-0878

    Classic Firearms Training, LLC Lorman, Mississippi My company proudly servers all people: civilians, law enforcement and military. currently we are Read more [...]

  • Carmen Bartholomew


    Instructor: Carmen Bartholomew
    Email: cj2012bartho@gmail.com
    Phone: (269) 501-6747

    Step-N-Tyme Firearms Training Dowling, Michigan My goal is to educate as many individuals as possible to ensure proper firearm handling Read more [...]

  • Melanie Anderson


    Instructor: Melanie Anderson
    Email: melanie705@ymail.com
    Phone: (317) 626-4172

    Melanie Anderson Clayton, Indiana Indy West Shooting Chapter leader Read more [...]

  • Lori Sanner


    Instructor: Lori Sanner
    Email: Lsanner55@yahoo.com

    Lori Sanner Moweaqua, Illinois Teaching firearms and personal protection basics since December 2012. Small classes, private range in the country. Read more [...]

  • Anne Woodshank


    Instructor: Anne Woodshank
    Email: xqsme51@yahoo.com
    Phone: (815) 481-5841

    Anne Woodshank Peru, Illinois My mission is to help women be more comfortable around guns and help them have the Read more [...]

  • Leslie Lamberth


    Instructor: Leslie Lamberth
    Email: gsp881@yahoo.com
    Phone: (770) 548-9081

    Leslie Lamberth Cartersville, Georgia Leslie is a retired Sergeant with the Georgia State Patrol. I am a Georgia POST certified Read more [...]

  • Vincenza (Vinni) Carey


    Instructor: Vincenza (Vinni) Carey
    Email: twawtorrington@gmail.com
    Phone: (860) 921-7856

    Vincenza (Vinni) Carey Torrington, Connecticut I am half of the husband and wife teaching team of VINWOOD Firearms Training. We Read more [...]

  • Mary Freitag Snapp


    Instructor: Mary Freitag Snapp
    Email: mfreitag@info2000.net
    Phone: (970) 302-2211

    Snapp Shots Greeley, Colorado I have been teaching the classes and courses for which I am certified for five years. Read more [...]

  • Barbara Beckage


    Instructor: Barbara Beckage
    Email: barbinak@hotmail.com
    Phone: (907) 982-9246

    Barbara Beckage Palmer, Alaska I became a firearms instructor to give back to women that want to learn to shoot. Read more [...]

  • Beth Alcazar


    Instructor: Beth Alcazar
    Email: bethiswriting@yahoo.com
    Phone: (205) 602-0815

    Beth Alcazar Chelsea, Alabama As a woman and a mother, I am honored to offer classes that are designed to Read more [...]