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Taurus Tx22 Gun Review

By Jessie



Gun Manufacturer: Taurus

Model: TX22

Caliber: 22lr

Barrel Length: 4.10”

Ammunition Capacity: 16 rounds

Price: 300.00

Taurus TX22 Usage and Features

Primary Use

Target Shooting

Are you right or left handed?

Right Handed

What features does this gun have that appealed to you?

vThe slide is easy to rack. The standard magazine holds 16 rounds, which reduces reloading time at the range.

Tell us about shooting this gun.

It is easy to shoot and fun. As a beginner, this has been a great training pistol. There is minimal recoil. All ammo used thus far has worked well, from cheap ammo to self defense ammo. There have been no issues at all!

How would you describe the recoil, is it manageable?

Extremely manageable, almost none at all. There is minimal recoil when using self defense ammo, but it is barely noticeable. I’m recoil sensitive, so low recoil is important to me.

How does it fit your hand, are the controls of this gun easy to use? (Safeties,slide pull, magazine release, trigger pull, etc.)

This is a full size pistol and fits well in my average sized hands. My husband loves it too. The magazine release is smooth and there are no issues with the trigger pull.

Do you like the sights on this gun?

The sights are fixed white dots. They are smaller than Glock sights, but similar. While not the top of the line, the sights work well for our purposes.

How reliable is it?

This has been my favorite pistol. I carry extra magazines because I love shooting it at the range. It has been extremely reliable, with absolutely no issues. I know many 22 lr pistols have some issues, so far this one has not with approximately 500-1000 rounds through it.

Any problems with any type of ammunition?

Nope, it takes any ammo put in. I’ve used everything from cheap ammo, high velocity, and self defense. All work consistent and great.

Was it easy to take down and clean?

Yes. I’m a beginner and it’s easy to take down, clean, then reassemble.

Is there anything you dislike about shooting this gun?

I love everything about this pistol. If I could find a good holster and easy way to conceal it, I would use it for a carry gun too.

For someone considering this gun, what would you tell them?

It is a great gun, very reliable and easy to shoot. You get a great gun for a good price.

Would you recommend this gun? If no, do you have a preferred gun?

Yes Yes Yes!

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