Springfield Armory Semi-Automatic Review

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Springfield Armory XDS Gun Review

By Liz



Model: XDS

Caliber: .45 ACP/AUTO

Barrel Length: 4”

Ammunition Capacity: 5+1, 6, 7

Price: $640


Springfield Armory XDS Usage & Features

Primary Use:

Concealed Carry

Are you right handed or left handed?


What features does this gun have that appealed to you?

As with the entire XD line up, I like the raised chamber full indicator and the barrel to grip angle. Specifically the XDs in .45 is slim and subcompact without being an insignificant pocket rocket.

Tell us about shooting this gun:

This is a subcompact chambered in .45 ACP. It is not a beginners gun and should never be mistaken as such. Being small, lightweight and “fitting” in ones hand does not make a gun easier to shoot. This pistol (and all others like it) require the shooter to have a solid and correct grip. That said, for what it is, it surprisingly soft recoil. The XDS has a standard three dot sight picture, but comes with a fiber optic front site, which is very easy to see in good lighting. as expected, the shorter barrel makes sight picture slightly more difficult to reacquire during strings of fire.

How does it fit your hand, how do you like the sights, how difficult is it to rack the slide, how would you describe the trigger pull, and how would you describe the recoil?

I can reach the slide stop, which is something of a novelty to me. As far as “fit”, a proper grip is more important. It “fits” better that a Glock 20, but I can get better groups with the Glock 20, because I have a good grip. The slide was stiff initially, but broke in quickly. I would say, broken in, it is equal to every other striker fired slide in the house (which is a lot) Recoil: It’s a subcompact .45 ACP. It has recoil. Beginners, recoil sensitive and people who shy away from anything bigger than 9mm won’t like this pistol. The trigger pull is the standard Glock style trigger found on all modern striker fired pistols. The XDS has a crisp break and a very nice reset. Other than that, it’s pretty par for the course.

How reliable is it?

Extremely reliable when properly maintained. I’ve now put over 2000 rounds through it with one malfunction, using assorted factory ammunition. As it becomes dirty, it will throw brass back on the shooter (at about 500 rounds without cleaning) Over oiling will cause jams. This is not a pistol to run wet. Most of the issues I’ve heard about seem to be directly related to a poor understanding of how to oil a pistol.

Any problems with any type of ammunition?

My single malfunction was with Remington UMC 230 gr. JHP and could have been related to a malformation of the nose of the bulletl.

Does this gun have any specific ammunition requirements? If so, please explain:

I’ve run brass, steel and aluminum cased ammunition, as well as both FJM and JHP through this pistol flawlessly. Mostly, 230 gr, but also 185 gr. I have not used any +P ammunition, nor will I.

What do you dislike about shooting this gun, if anything?

The major fault of the XDS is the extremely aggressive checkering on the grip. This is easily fixed with something to cover the grip. For cheap, I use vet wrap. I have purchased Talon Grip Tape, but I have not put it on yet.

Was it easy to take down and clean?

The XD line has a lever that flips up while the slide is locked back, releasing the slide and then pulling the trigger allows the slide to be removed. After that, it’s your basic pull out spring and barrel. I think the initial step of disassembly is easier than Glocks, since you don’t have to feel for the sweet spot to push the pin. As I mentioned earlier, do not over lube. I use disposable oil wipes to oil most of this pistol with one drop of regular oil on each rail.

Would you recommend this gun?


For someone considering this gun, what would you tell them?

I would only recommend this pistol to experienced shooters who know what they are doing. I think the XDS is the perfect amalgamation of 1911 grip to barrel angle in a polymer framed striker fired pistol. It is lightweight and has soft recoil. This is the pistol for .45 junkies who want a good shooting subcompact.



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