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Gun Reviews by Women – S&W Victory 22 – Diana

S&W Victory 22 Gun Review

By Diana



Gun Manufacturer: Smith and Wesson

Model: Victory

Caliber: .22 LR

Barrel Length: 5.5 inches

Ammunition Capacity: 10

Price: $490


S&W Victory 22 Usage and Features

Primary Use

Target Shooting

Are you right or left handed?

Right Handed

What features does this gun have that appealed to you?

A longer barrel, heavier frame. ease of shooting

Tell us about shooting this gun.

This gun shoots like a dream!! Easy trigger action. smooth firing. full sized frame

How would you describe the recoil, is it manageable?

Very little felt recoil. very manageable.

How does it fit your hand, are the controls of this gun easy to use? (Safeties,slide pull, magazine release, trigger pull, etc.)

Fits like a glove! Safety is easily reachable. Slide pull is easy. trigger pull is very light.

Do you like the sights on this gun?

Love the fiber optic sights. you can replace the iron sights with a red dot by replacing the rear sight with a piccatiny rail to mount an optic.

How reliable is it?

Very reliable. very fun to plink!

Any problems with any type of ammunition?

This gun loves CCI. has a bit of trouble with any ammo less than 1050fps – won’t eject the cartridge.
have shot about 500 rounds through and would say “failure to eject” is about 15%

Was it easy to take down and clean?

Takedown requires unscrewing the takedown screw, removing the slide, and unscrewing the barrel. It is a bit more involved, since it requires an Allen wrench. but is is very easy.

Is there anything you dislike about shooting this gun?


For someone considering this gun, what would you tell them?

This gun is considered more of a competition 22. it is a bit heavier than most 22 semi-autos.

Would you recommend this gun? If no, do you have a preferred gun?

Yes! I would highly recommend this as a second 22lr in addition to your basic 22lr.

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