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Gun Reviews By Women – Smith & Wesson Shield Ez – By Michelle

Smith & Wesson Shield EZ Gun Review

By Michelle


Smith & Wesson Shield EZ Specifications 

Gun Manufacturer: Smith and Wesson

Model: Shield Ez

Caliber: .380

Barrel Length: 3.5

Ammunition Capacity: 8

Price: 350


Smith & Wesson Shield EZ Usage and Features

Primary Use

Concealed Carry

Are you right or left handed?

Right Handed

What features does this gun have that appealed to you?

Love the grip safety. The size fits nicely in my holster leggings I own. Easy for my 13 year old to shoot.

Tell us about shooting this gun.

Mostly accurate, but does tend to fire down to the left.

How would you describe the recoil, is it manageable?

Hardly no recoil.

How does it fit your hand, are the controls of this gun easy to use? (Safeties,slide pull, magazine release, trigger pull, etc.)

Easy slide, fits nicely with out getting an extended mag for the pinky.

Do you like the sights on this gun?

No. Only down fall to this gun. You can not adjust them or change them.

How reliable is it?

I’ve shot over 10000 rounds through it since purchasing it in July. Ive only had 4 stove tops on rapid fires.

Any problems with any type of ammunition?

Cheap dirty ammo stinks.

Was it easy to take down and clean?

Very easy.

Is there anything you dislike about shooting this gun?


For someone considering this gun, what would you tell them?

Here, shoot mine to try it, you’ll be buying it.

Would you recommend this gun? If no, do you have a preferred gun?



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7 thoughts on “Gun Reviews By Women – Smith & Wesson Shield Ez – By Michelle

  1. Dawn says:

    I love this gun! My daughter and I tried it at the range and I bought it the same week. Easy to load, rack, shoot and clean. A perfect gun for an older woman with weaker hand strength.(Me) I also shoot ambi and was able to handle it well shooting with either hand. My daughter loved it too. I will probably buy her one for Christmas.

  2. Mary Ann says:

    I shoot with both hands and works great either way. I love this gun! Went to range with brother (who found this gun for me) and his buddy who carries a Glock 19 and he resisted trying the gun but once he did he was wowed and wants one. I paid 329 for mine with safe. Haven’t seen it this low since. (SE Pennsylvania ).

  3. Susan Donovan says:

    I have one, the slide is so easy to rack.Agree with other review hardly any recoil.
    Appreciate the size and weight for conceal & carry.
    I also love the fact that the manual safety is on both sides of the gun . I also like the addional safety in the grip.
    I have not cleaned it yet.

  4. Joan Laird says:

    I bought this gun right out of the gate. The minute I could get my hands on it I owned it. The slide is the main reason for the purchase. Easy just like it’s name. I love the way it feels in my hand and the safety features are awesome. I own other Smith and Wesson’s, so I knew this would shoot wonderful. I love this gun and if it feels right in your hand, you will love it.

  5. Emily says:

    I can’t believe this….I just purchased this gun and took it to the range and all my shots were down and to the left!!! I thought it was something I was doing or the sight were off. Thanks for the review!

  6. Carrie Lightfoot says:

    It looks like the EZ is ambidextrous Sue. The safety and the magazine release. Here is a review that talks about it:

  7. Sue Day says:

    What if your left handed?

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