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Sig Sauer P290RS Gun Review

By Beverly


Special Specifications

Model: Sig Sauer P290RS

Caliber: .380 Auto

Barrel Length: 2.9″

Ammunition Capacity: 6/8

Price: $600


Sig Sauer P290RS Usage & Features

Primary Use:


Are you right handed or left handed?


What features does this gun have that appealed to you?

Small, but not toy-sized. From everything I have read, Sig Sauer is a quality manufacturer. As far as looks, I wanted something feminine but classy. My Sig has grips with a subtle pink/brown/gray/white pattern. I first fell in love with this gun at a gun show and kept going back to it; it definitely felt “right” in my hand. After checking out a lot of other guns both online and at gun shops, I decided this was the one.

Tell us about shooting this gun:

I just shot Sig Sauer P290RS  for the first time a couple of days ago, and for the most part, I love it. The trigger is a very long pull, so that is something I am going to have to adjust to.

How does it fit your hand, how do you like the sights, how difficult is it to rack the slide, how would you describe the trigger pull, and how would you describe the recoil?

Like I said, this gun fits my hand perfectly. It came with two magazines, one fits flush to the handle of the gun and the other one has a small extender. I haven’t decided which I like better yet, but I am leaning toward the shorter one. I have small hands, so it is not an issue for me to fit my three fingers on it. My hubby’s hands are much bigger, so he prefers the longer mag. I love the Sig night sights. They are easy to see, even if the lighting is not good. (They actually glow in the dark; how cool is that?) it’s only a 380 so it is super easy to rack and there is little recoil.

How reliable is it?

I did have a couple of jams while shooting, but they were easily cleared. I think it is probably due to my inexperience, as it was my first time shooting this gun, and I am very new to shooting as a whole.

Any problems with any type of ammunition?

I only used one type-Winchester 95 grain.

Does this gun have any specific ammunition requirements? If so, please explain:

It calls for 380 Auto.

What do you dislike about shooting this gun, if anything?

The only thing I am not thrilled about the Sig Sauer P290RS is the long trigger pull, but as I said, I think that just takes some getting used to. It is a Double Action Only, so the long trigger pull takes the place of a safety. By the end of our range time, I was feeling more comfortable with it.

Was it easy to take down and clean?

Haven’t tried this yet, but plan to soon.

Would you recommend this gun?


For someone considering this gun, what would you tell them?

Try out a lot of guns before you buy. First, I went to a gun show and several gun shops to see how different guns felt in my hand. Then I went to the range and tried out different guns in different calibers. I actually shot a gun just like mine in a 9mm, but since I am a novice, thought that I would like the .380 to start out with. I think the .380 is right for me, at least for now.

Anything else you would like to share about the gun?

So far, I love it. I love the way it looks, i love the way it feels, and I love the way it shoots. I don’t have my CCP yet, but have taken the class. I won’t carry until I am comfortable with that. I tried putting it in the holster that came with my gun, but it still feels bulky to me. Next purchases will be a holster, and maybe a Sig P235 because it is a bit smaller.

Sig Sauer P290RS


Sig Sauer P290RS

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