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Gun Reviews By Women – Ruger SR22 – Elizabeth

Ruger SR22 Gun Review

by Elizabeth


Ruger SR22 Specifications

Gun Manufacturer: Ruger

Model: SR22

Caliber: .22

Barrel Length: 3.5″

Ammunition Capacity: 10+1

Price: bought used for $250


Ruger SR22 Usage and Features

Primary Use

Target Shooting

Are you right or left-handed?

Right Handed

What features does this gun have that appealed to you?

This is a fun little autoloader to shoot. My husband let me shoot his years ago and that’s when I knew I needed one of my own. (Who wants to borrow one when you can have your own?!) Easy to load the magazines and to rack the slide. Grip is small enough for a woman’s hand. Nice weight in that it feels solid in the hand and well balanced, but is not too heavy to easily manage. That means I can put a lot of rounds through it before I get tired. I usually save it for last on range day because it’s lighter and easier to shoot than most of my other handguns. Inexpensive, dependable firearm.

Tell us about shooting this gun.

This is easy to handle. My sights are accurate. It’s inexpensive to shoot .22 ammo. Well balanced and I can shoot a lot of rounds before my hands get tired.

How would you describe the recoil, is it manageable?

Minimal recoil. Easy to get muzzle back on target.

How does it fit your hand, are the controls of this gun easy to use? (Safeties, slide pull, magazine release, trigger pull, etc.)

Nice fit for my hand; grip is small enough and has texture to secure grip in hand. Slide pull is smooth and lighter than some of my other autoloaders. Has safety and mag release on both sides for ambidextrous use. I can thumb the safety fairly easily, but the magazine does not drop out when released. I don’t like having to use two hands for magazine release, but since this is more of a fun gun than a utility gun, I can put up with that. The grip fits snugly in the web of my hand for very low fatigue. Smooth and fairly light trigger pull for maximum ease of use. Mine also has a rail in front of the trigger guard that is accessory-ready.

Do you like the sights on this gun?

The sights are okay. Mine has standard white dot sights that are accurately aligned and good enough for my purposes. If this were a primary self-defense gun, I would prefer night sights. The front sight is drift adjustable. The rear site is screw-adjustable for windage and elevation.

How reliable is it?

I have not had misfires or hang fires. Spent cartridges eject well. I do find when I unload it, it really launches the live round. I have to watch where I eject it so I can find it!

Any problems with any type of ammunition?

I have used several standard brands of ammo without problems.

Was it easy to take down and clean?

What? It’s not self-cleaning?! Just kidding (though someone ought to figure out a way to do this). Very simple takedown and cleaning. YouTube has good instructional videos.

Is there anything you dislike about shooting this gun?

The safety function is backward from my other autoloaders in that down is safe and up is fire. The magazine release does not drop the magazine out; I have to use my other hand to encourage it out of the well.

For someone considering this gun, what would you tell them?

This is a fabulous fun gun that can also double as a carry gun or even home defense gun. I actually use it as my bedside gun until I can get out my shotgun from under the bed. Okay, a 20 gauge really does have more home defense use than a .22 handgun, but everyone needs to find what works for them. This gun is easy to manipulate, easy to fire, easy to clean, and inexpensive to fire. It may not have the fire power of a larger caliber handgun, but it can still get the job done, esp. if it’s one you can handle confidently. I think just about anyone could enjoy one of these in their arsenal.

Would you recommend this gun? If no, do you have a preferred gun?

I would recommend this gun for its ease of use and because it’s inexpensive to shoot. Women with small hands and less hand strength might find it easier to manage than a larger gun and a larger caliber. We need to feel good about our firearms choices, regardless of what others think is best, so we can be confident with our weapons.

My primary carry gun is my Sig Sauer P-238. I also like my S&W M&P Shield in 9mm. Both are accurate and easy to handle. My Sig is the sweetest of the three. The Shield is my home office handgun. The SR22 is my bedside gun until I can get out the 20 gauge under the bed.


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