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Gun Reviews By Women – Kimber Micro Advocate – Diana

Kimber Micro Advocate Gun Review

By Diana


Kimber Micro Advocate Specifications

Model: Micro Advocate

Caliber: .380

Barrel Length: 2.75”

Ammunition Capacity: 7

Price: $659


Kimber Micro Advocate Usage & Features

Primary Use:

Concealed Carry

Are you right handed or left handed?


What features does this gun have that appealed to you?

Light recoil, fits smaller hands, easy to rack slide and just feels really good in hand.

Tell us about shooting this gun:

A joy. Very accurate up to 20′ right out of the box. Easy to re-acquire target when shooting. Don’t have to “stretch” to reach trigger. With the light recoil and easy slide racking I look forward to range time.

How does it fit your hand, how do you like the sights, how difficult is it to rack the slide, how would you describe the trigger pull, and how would you describe the recoil?

Fits my smaller hand like a glove. No problems with the slide and many of my friends with weakness or arthritis problems love it as we’re an older group. Trigger pull is smooth and not too long. Recoil is negligible and not at all “off-putting” for a smaller gun. Mine came w/ nite sights, but at my age I could wish for them to be a bit larger especially in daylight.

How reliable is it?

So far…, it has been my favorite CC. I enjoy the fit, finish, ease of use AND reliability of it.

Any problems with any type of ammunition?

None so far, but I’m a big believer in staying within the manufacturers guidelines on ammo. Will admit to using reloads (matching guidelines) and when I’ve had any issues (usually FTE) it’s due to limp-wristing.

Does this gun have any specific ammunition requirements? If so, please explain:

Just stick with higher end factory ammo during a break in period and then find what works best for it AND you just stay away from dirty loads.

What do you dislike about shooting this gun, if anything?

I personally have found nothing to dislike. My daughter who carries the same .380 finds the fact that it is not offered in a “lefty” version a minor disappointment.

Was it easy to take down and clean?

Very easy. No tools required, well, unless you have very long fingernails. Nothing fussy here. Easy to clean.

Would you recommend this gun?


For someone considering this gun, what would you tell them?

Always, always, if possible, try someone else’s first. There’s the off chance it could be too small for someone with larger hands.

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One thought on “Gun Reviews By Women – Kimber Micro Advocate – Diana

  1. David says:

    The micro 9mm raptor has a ambidextrous safety. I’m left handed cost is a little more, but it a little higher quality gun.

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