HK USP Compact Gun Review
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HK USP Compact Gun Review

By Eve

HK USP Compact Specifications

Model: USP Compact

Caliber: 9mm

Ammunition Capacity: 13

Price: $890

HK USP Compact Usage & Features

Primary Use:

Concealed Carry

Are you right handed or left handed?


What features does this gun have that appealed to you?

Durability, flexibility in ammo quality.

Tell us about shooting this gun:

Simply a joy to shoot. This was my first pistol, and my first experience firing a pistol regularly. Reliable, accurate, and very easy to handle.

How does it fit your hand, how do you like the sights, how difficult is it to rack the slide, how would you describe the trigger pull, and how would you describe the recoil?

It feels comfortable in my (small) hands. Those with bigger hands found it equally comfortable. The safety and magazine release controls are easy to reach and intuitively positioned (variant 2). The recoil is manageable. It is definitely there and noticeable, but nothing a little practice can’t overcome. I never felt like I was going to lose control of the weapon. The trigger is easy enough to pull. After 100 rounds I would feel it in the beginning, but I wouldn’t say it is a strain to pull the trigger. Racking the slide is easy and, as silly as this might sound, always leaves me feeling very contented.

How reliable is it?

VERY. I am notoriously hard on my belongings, so I tend to rate reliability and durability very highly. This pistol can take a beating without you even noticing. I also shoot cheap, low quality ammo through it, and it takes it like a champ.

Any problems with any type of ammunition?


Does this gun have any specific ammunition requirements? If so, please explain:

Not that I am aware of. It has been very forgiving of all the junk I’ve subjected it to.

What do you dislike about shooting this gun, if anything?

After a while, the grip does start to feel a little uncomfortable. If I could move the trigger just the tiniest bit closer, I would. It is also on the bigger and bulkier side, so using it as a CCW poses some challenges – especially if you are wearing tight, feminine clothes. The magazines are ridiculously hard to load in the beginning and for a long time thereafter. Otherwise, it’s an absolute joy to shoot.

Was it easy to take down and clean?

Yes! I am not put off by mechanical things, but I have terrible recall when it comes to putting things back together – even simple things. The USP Compact could not be simpler, and I’ve never had any trouble taking it apart or reassembling it. Cleaning is a breeze.

Would you recommend this gun?


For someone considering this gun, what would you tell them?

If you can stomach the steep initial investment, you will quickly forget all about the when you use it. The high quality and ease of use pay dividends. But be prepared to accommodate flexible concealment methods, as this gun is not tiny.

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