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Gun Reviews By Women – Bersa Thunder .380 – Katherine Bell

I needed a gun that made sense to me the .38 special was too big and heavy, the 9mm had too much recoil for this first time user.  When I went to my first gun show as a purchaser – I think it was love at first sight – I like the look of it – smooth and sleek.  When I picked it up – it was like shaking hands with an old friend. Price was also a consideration and while the price is great (about $300.00), for a beginner, there is nothing cheap about this gun. The Bersa is self-loading using the simple blowback system, which means it gets its energy from the backwards motion from the expelled gas that pushes the bullet out, ejecting the casing, and loading the next round. The Thunder Bersa 380 has a 3.5 barrel with a 7 + 1 round capacity. It has a side mounted safety/de-cocker on a metal frame, which is not usual for a gun in this price range. Included with your new Bersa is a set of keys for the internal trigger lock.

bersa thunder

Things I just took for granted before writing this review was the shape of the trigger guard and the serrated edge which I’ve heard high level competitive shooters say is a must for their very expensive guns for added control.  The top of the slide and the magazine release button are checkered – cutting down on sun glare from the slide and easy identification of the release button which is easy to reach. Another great feature of this gun is the hammer block which blocks the hammer if it should fall forward for any other reason than having the trigger pulled. I’ve dropped this gun on concrete while cocked without any problems. When the safety is engaged the trigger has a disconnect to prevent an accidental discharge and if the magazine is not in the gun the built in safety prevents the gun from firing.  Other features on the Bersa include a slide release lever and a windage adjustable 3-dot sight. There is also a large beavertail to help prevent slide-bite.

This gun is perfect for the new shooter as well as the experienced one; it fits well in the hand and is not to heavy which makes it an excellent choice for conceal carry.

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5 thoughts on “Gun Reviews By Women – Bersa Thunder .380 – Katherine Bell

  1. John Q. Powers says:

    My month old improved Thunder, the TPR, failed irrevocably after 300 rounds. Looks like a design defect so I bought a Walther CCP-380 today, a bigger pistol from an established firm. Bersa will replace their gun on warranty but I think I will give it away. The slide rides on slots or rails cut into the top of the frame. The back 3/4″ on the left broke off jamming the gun beyond clearing. When I examined the gun before returning it, I found a not yet detached fracture along the same line on the right. One side could have been a casting flaw but both sides is a design defect. The alloy is pot metal or just too thin.

  2. Tammara L Sierra says:

    I love my Bersa Thunder 380 so much I had to purchase another one. For a women I feel it is very easy to handle and shoot. Cleaning the gun takes a little getting used to beacause you need to be a little rough to get the slide off and rougher to get in on. After a couple tries it gets easier. I feel it is an easy gun for a women to get comfortable with and to handle, to ensure she uses it when needed. I have learned handling a gun over time will make you comfortable and being comfortable is everthing.

  3. Lois cravin says:

    Very much interested in this Firearm, is it easy coil for Arthritis Hands

    1. Tammara L Sierra says:

      I have pretty bad arthritis in both thumbs. The only thing I noticed that bothers my thumbs is loading the magazine. So I bought a reloader that helps significantly. I have not noticed discomfort with shooting the gun but my arthritis in only in the thumbs.

  4. Kat Conrad says:

    I’ve had my Bersa Thunder 380 for nearly 20 years, and as I age and arthritis sets in, I find it’s getting hard to rack the slide. And because of my small hands and arthritis it’s getting hard to reach the trigger comfortably. I’ve also noted that when I use cheap ammo the slide will not lock open when empty and I have at least one or two misfires out of every 50 shots.

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