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Gun Reviews By Women – Ruger LCR- Sabrina

Ruger LCR Gun Review

By Sabrina



Gun Manufacturer: Ruger

Model: LCR

Caliber: .38

Barrel Length: 2”

Ammunition Capacity: 5

Price: $700


Ruger LCR Usage and Features

Primary Use

Concealed Carry

Are you right or left handed?

Right Handed

What features does this gun have that appealed to you?

Originally because it was a revolver. Small size, hubby had read it had a special, padded grip that we thought would be easier on my hand

Tell us about shooting this gun.

Unfortunately, I do not enjoy shooting this gun. I have RA & the kick on this gun will leave my hand bruised after just about 7-10 shots. That could be just because of my medical issues, but my hubby & son don’t care for it either. It has a very hard & long trigger pull that leaves you [me] anticipating.

How would you describe the recoil, is it manageable?

I think for most people it would be. But my hand strength isn’t particularly good so it’s hard for me.

How does it fit your hand, are the controls of this gun easy to use? (Safeties, slide pull, magazine release, trigger pull, etc.)

Now, this is a huge positive! The barrel release is easily accessible for either right or left-handed shooter and there is no safety.

Do you like the sights on this gun?

They’re decent, neither worse or better than other guns.

How reliable is it?

The Ruger LCR is very reliable and is one of the best aspect of a revolver.

Any problems with any type of ammunition?

No. I’ve used .38 plus P, and, rarely, .357 (much bigger recoil with that)

Was it easy to take down and clean?


Is there anything you dislike about shooting this gun?

That I can’t shoot it for “fun”, I don’t practice as much as I should because of the bruising I get.

For someone considering this gun, what would you tell them?

Find a range that has one and shoot it several times before purchasing. When I got mine it’d just come out, so I was never able to try it first. A lesson learned, I’ll never purchase again without being able to shoot the type of gun I’m looking at.

Would you recommend this gun? If no, do you have a preferred gun?

For CC & (close in) self-defense I think it’s a good gun. I don’t think it’s a range gun at all. I prefer my hubby’s XDS over this gun honestly & that’s what I carry in the woods.


Holster Options

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