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Finding the right instructor can be tough. Finding the right female instructor that understands your needs as a woman shooter is even tougher. Below is a series of listings of female instructors around the country. Those with the TWAW Certified emblem are women instructors who have trained with me and our trainers personally and have been trained and certified by TWAW and the NRA to meet the specific needs of women. The second category of listings are women instructors that have NRA Certifications and are The Well Armed Woman Shooting Chapter Leaders around the county.

Shooting Ranges:

I want so much for women shooters to have access to training and safe places to shoot. Below is a list by state of available shooting ranges and instruction. I, of course have not personally visited all of these locations and it has been collected doing research, contacting them and gathering the recommendations of other women shooters. I am not personally recommending these sites or vouching for the quality of training or facilities. It is meant to be a guide to help you get started in finding locations and trainers in your area. I encourage you to do extensive research in your area.


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