How do I know this holster will fit my gun?


How do I know this holster will fit my gun?

Use these easy steps to determine if a holster will fit your gun.

Please note, if you have any holster fit problems with a holster you purchased, please read how to exchange/return a product Here

  1. Know the specifications of your gun. You can determine this by either looking at the manual that came with your gun or you can google “Your Gun model specs”. You will want to go with the information coming from the gun manufacturer or a reputable dealer.
  2. Check the sizing guides in the product description. Each of our holsters will have a size guide in the description of the product. Here you will typically find sizes based on the gun barrel.
    1. For purses, you will need to know the length and height of your gun as you will need to know if it will fit in the gun footprint. The gun footprint size is found in the purse description.
  3. Write in your gun make and model for custom holsters. If you are ordering a custom-molded holster, there is a table in the description that lists all available models for that holster. Determine if yours is listed then write in your holster make and model in the appropriate field when ordering. Make sure you include if you have a safety or laser model if applicable.
  4. Belly Bands are pretty universal and fit most self-defense firearms. The belly bands will fit semi-automatics and revolvers sizing from subcompact guns through Glock 17’s and most full-sized 1911’s.
  5. If you are still not sure, please feel free to shoot us an email at or by submitting a form from this link Contact Us.


Below are a few of the most common firearm models we get questions about along with the different holsters we carry and what size you would need. You can search the table to see if we already have yours listed!

Gun Model The Sticky IWB HolsterMagnetic Waistband HolsterThunderwear Pistol PouchPistol Wear Underarm Holster
Glock 19LG-2XL Auto SquareWill Not FitCompact
Glock 26MD-4 Gen 1LG Auto SquareMDCompact
Glock 42SM-5LG Auto SquareMDSub Compact
Glock 43MD-4LG Auto SquareMDCompact
Glock 43 with LaserMD-4 Mod LaserMay not fit depending on laser modelMay not fit depending on laser model
Glock 43XMD-4LG Auto SquareMDCompact
Glock 48MD-4 Gen 1X-Large Auto SquareMDCompact
Kimber micro 9SM-5Lg Auto RoundMDCompact
Ruger EC9MD-1Lg Auto RoundMDSub Compact
Ruger LC9/380MD-1LG Auto RoundMDSub Compact
Ruger LC9/380 with laserMD-2XL Auto SquareMDSub Compact
Ruger LCPSM-2Medium AutoSMSub Compact
Ruger LCP with LaserMD-2May not fit depending on laser modelMDSub Compact
Ruger LCP IISM-2Medium AutoSMSub Compact
Ruger LCRMD-5Small RevolverMDCompact
S&W Bodyguard 380SM-2Medium AutoSMSub Compact
S&W J frame revolverMD-5Small RevolverMDCompact
S&W M&P Compact 9mmMD-4 Gen 1XL Auto SquareWill Not FitCompact
S&W M&P ShieldMD-4LG Auto SquareMDCompact
S&W M&P Shield with laserMD-4 Mod LaserWill Not FitWill Not FitCompact
S&W M&P Shield 2.0MD-4LG Auto SquareMDCompact
S&W M&P Shield 2.0 with Internal LaserMD-4 Mod LaserWill Not FitMDCompact
S&W M&P Shield EZ 380MD-4 Gen 1XL Auto SquareMDCompact
S&W M&P Shield EZ 380 with laser MD-4 Gen 1 modified for laserWill Not FitMay Not FitCompact
S&W M&P Shield EZ 9mmMD-4 Gen 1XL Auto SquareMDCompact
S&W M&P Shield EZ 9mm with laser MD-4 Gen 1 modified for laserWill Not FitMay Not FitCompact
SIG p238SM-2Medium AutoSMSub Compact
SIG P238 with LaserSM-3LG Auto RoundMDSub Compact
SIG P365SM-5LG Auto RoundMDSub Compact
SIG P365XLMD-3XL Auto SquareMDCompact
SIG P938SM-5Medium AutoSMSub Compact
Springfield 911 380SM-2Medium AutoSMSub Compact
Springfield 911 9mmSM-5Medium AutoSMSub Compact
Springfield HellcatSM-5LG Auto RoundMDSub Compact
Springfield XD SC 9mmMD-3LG Auto SquareMDCompact
Springfield XDS 3.3 9mmMD-2LG Auto SquareMDCompact
Taurus PT-111MD-4 Gen 1LG Auto SquareMDCompact
Taurus G2CMD-4 Gen 1LG Auto SquareMDCompact
Walther PK380MD-4XL Auto SquareMDCompact
Walther PPSMD-4LG Auto RoundMDCompact
Wather CCPMD-4XL Auto SquareMDCompact