YOU are beautiful! I just have to start by saying that.


As I have journeyed with you over these years, one of the things that always strikes me is just how beautiful you are! Honestly, beauty and how we define it really needs to change. It is NOT what you look like, whether you fit into a particular size range, or what your age is. True beauty is much more than these physical norms that society has decided determines what is “beautiful”.

As I train women all over the country and have the chance to meet you and the tens of thousands of women across the country that are armed to protect themselves and those they love,  the conversation always ends with “It’s about way more than the gun”. The gun is a tool, or a pathway to a level of confidence and independence that women historically have never known. It is in this freedom from fear,  where our empowerment lies. We have ALWAYS been the protected gender and for the first time, women like you and I have entered a new level of confidence, independence and courage. Things we have never experienced before. That is what I see and that is what makes you beautiful.

Honestly, you are the role models and the ones re-defining beauty. YOU are changing the definition for the women around you and for the generations to come.

The beauty I see in you and the profound transformations I see you undergo as you empower yourselves has inspired my new Designer Series Holsters. Each design will be a special edition pattern, with new designs released through the year.







The first in this series I have named “Empowered”.  As I considered what this word means to you and to me, it was clear that our empowerment is reflected on many levels of who we are. It manifests itself in so many different ways, both large and small. The intricacy of my Paisley inspired pattern reflects this. It is complex, just as we are but all of the intricate details, shapes, and colors come together to create something more beautiful.

I couldn’t resist the powerful and beautiful Turquoise color. We all would all love seeing this color on a gift from Tiffany’s, right?  I looked up the “meaning of this color to see how it would work with my “Empowered” theme. Turquoise is rich with meaning. It is a blend of blue and green, so it has some of the cool and calming attributes of these two base colors. It represents the feminine, sophistication, energy, wisdom, and wholeness. It was a perfect fit!

I hope that as you wear these holsters, you remember what the design represents and that somehow, it affirms you. As you holster your firearm and partner in your self-protection to your clothing or body, you are reminded of just how beautiful you are!