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Concealed Carry for Women

Women’s Holster Talk – The Trigger Shield

Carrie Lightfoot demonstrates The Well Armed Woman Trigger Shield designed to provide added trigger protection when wearing soft concealed carry holsters. The Well Armed Woman Trigger Shield

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Video Transcription :

Hi, I’m Carrie Lightfoot of the Well Armed Women and today we’re going to talk about a new product that I’m really excited about it’s The Well Armed Woman trigger shield.

And what’s so important about this product is that with so many soft holsters that we’re all wearing these days we must make sure that we protect the trigger guard from is accidentally getting our finger in there.

You know with a typical holster. You know Kydex or leather, which is the two most common kind of harder surface materials, the firearm is completely wrapped in the Kydex and there’s just no way you’re going to accidentally press that trigger through a piece of plastic, right?

But what happens when we put on a lace belly band or a lace thigh holster where the fabric is very thin, during our normal daily activity and changing and adjusting our holster perhaps. We could accidentally get our fingers through that. So that’s why I’m so excited about this product

So, it’s very simple what comes with it is a piece of Velcro and this gets attached to your soft Holster, and then it’s also a custom-fit piece of Kydex.

So, this is the same material that the holster is made out of typically like I just showed you but it’s about half the gun and you can see that

So it’ll be best for me to show you the holster

I have today to demonstrate with is The Well Armed Woman pistol pouch, and this is a fabric holster that’s worn down low underneath your pants.

So, this product as simple as it is, is you take your Velcro patch, and you peel that off and you slide that in and stick it to the top surface the outside surface of the holster and once that’s in place you’ll take the trigger guard that is matched to your specific firearm and by the way we have over 300 different models that we can make this for so no worries on matching your gun for this for this accessory

and then that is attached to the Velcro that we just attached to the inside of the Holster and now the firearm goes in and it fits in perfectly and that trigger guard is now protected by that piece of plastic

So, I know it’s a challenge for all of us women we wear so many different types of clothing and we have to have options and so the carrying of a firearm in a soft holster can be safe. Your task and the important job of your holster is to protect that trigger guard.

So, if you’re wearing a holster such as the belly band like that which goes around the waist or something like the Underarm Holster that goes up under your kind of sits on here under your bust a little bit or a thigh holster this made from Lace or any of the softer fabrics. it’s really really important that you utilize a product like the trigger shield to make sure that you’re taking every precaution to make sure that you cannot accidentally get your finger into that trigger guard area.

So, I’m very excited about this product again we have it in all different models because they are molded to the exact specifications of your firearm. So, it’s important that you have the right one.

I hope this was helpful and please visit and go to the Holster section and you can see all of the models that we make this product for along with all the holsters that we carry that are designed specifically for you and don’t forget to send us your feedback if you have ideas or holsters that you would like me to talk about just send me an email.

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2 thoughts on “Women’s Holster Talk – The Trigger Shield

  1. the April 13 women’s holster talk describes a trigger shield but I can’t find it on your website. Do you still have it?
    What is the cost?
    Will it work for a 9mm sw shield with integral crimson trace laser?

    1. Carrie Lightfoot says:

      Hi Julie,
      Right now we are transitioning to a universal trigger shield as we are discontinuing the Kydex one. Here is the page for the New TWAW trigger shield which we hope will be ready to sell in the next few weeks!

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