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Women’s Holster Talk – The NORB

Women’s holster Talk video by The Well Armed Woman demonstrating women’s holsters and products. This video looks at the NORB Ladies Range bag.

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Hi, and welcome to Women’s Holster Talk. I’m Carrie Lightfoot, the founder of the Well Armed Woman and I do these videos to introduce new primes, kind of show you how they work and just to help make your shopping a little bit easier.

So today, I’m doing something a little bit different because we’re going to talk about a range bag and this is a brand new product that I’m really excited about and it’s called NORB, N-O-R-B, has a very strange name, I know. But, I think you’ll understand, which it stands for No Ordinary Range Bag and which it is not, you can tell. I think one of the greatest innovations with this bag is that it’s a range bag, has all the functions of a range bag but it doesn’t look like one. And, that means that. . .I don’t know about you but there’s tons of little work and at lunch time I want to go shoot, whatever. I have to carry my whole huge range bag and this is a little less obvious where I can carry my gear with me and go to the range, and not have to get quite so obvious. We’ll look around everything.

For a little practice time in the middle of the day, this is a great option and it’s just a cool bag. Proud to wear it. Let’s talk about some of the features. I want to talk about the strap, kind of a rightful strap here which is great. It can be worn regular or cross-by which is always great. Personally, weight is a real issue for me. I’ve had spinal surgery in my neck and so weight is always a challenge for me. Carrying around a big bag is really tough for me especially for any period of time. The starting weight on this is really light. Already, that’s a plus for me. Sometimes a bag or even a carry purse weighs 10 pounds before you put anything into it, which drives me nuts. But this one it has kind of a nice light weight to it although it has a substance. Couple of the key features; one, it’s just cool looking like I said and has really great hardware, a very simple, kind of, classy and elegant, nothing crazy, nice sophisticated line to it. I like that.

It also has a pocket with access to fire arms from the back. This is where it kind of, doubles up as a security purse with your other items in it, you’re carrying it around, you may need to get to it quickly. It’s ambidextrous; you can get it from either side from the back. And this gives you direct assess right into the holster pockets. So, there are two very good sized ones here. And I’ll show you that you can carry some pretty good size guns in here. It also gives you access to the center pocket if you needed that. If you were out and about and needed to have easy access, you can get right in without having to unbuckle it. So, nice feature.

And nice sturdy zippers. I’m a real stickler on zippers, and I hate Gs, G zippers. So nice zippers on this one. So, the bag itself, lets kind of get inside. As I said, the buckles are great. It has a really great D lines here with the buckles which are very nice. That’s stylish. The pad itself, this flap itself actually is your bench pad. So it has a non-stick material that holds the gun in place on the range, helps to protect that and keeps it from sliding around. It’s just a nice added touch to the bag. Surely, thought of everything, so great.

The bag has a nice square bottom and you’ll see, we’re going to be filling it with lots of things and that’s what keep it standing up nicely. It has a very generous inside pocket and then here are the two fully padded, on both sides, fully lined gun pockets, holster pockets. Again, which are accessible through this, peek-a-boo zipper that you can get through the bag. We have a pistol magazines. If it double stack as well and two great pockets. There’s one here, kind of, great for a cell phone or water bottle, something like that and then you have one here that zips down the side as well for wallets or what other thing. Whatever else you want to bring with you.

Let’s fill it up and see how much stuff we can get in here. Okay, I’ll start with the ammunition. Again, nice base, hold all back, keep it flat. Nothing worse than spilled ammunition boxes, drives you crazy. Got my ears. A must in every woman’s range bag is how they look, help load your magazines. Here’s the magazines, we’ll get those in the pouch. My 45. . .the two guns I might put in here are 45 and my judge. Two very good sized guns but just to show you how much can really go in here. My wallet here, cell phone, my leather wipes, I have to carry those. Boresnake, I carry the boresnake, right with there when you’re at the range, you’re finishing up, just run that through, keep your gun nice and clean. Glasses and a hat, now we’ll get the fire arms in. First, we’ll put in the judge right into the beautifully padded pocket and my 45 go in the other. As you can see, I have two good sized guns and a lot of gear in here. Looks like we’re leaving a lot of room for some extras. Here we go. That’s the NORB, full of gear. Easy enough to carry. You and I can carry it for the bad neck. It’s a great looking bag.

I hope you found this helpful and you can find the bag and more information on it on the website. If you have any questions, just email me at or visit the website Join us on Facebook and we’ll see you on the next one. Thank you.

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