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Women’s Holster Talk – The IWB by The Well Armed Woman

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Hi, and welcome to Women’s Holster Talk. I’m Carrie Lightfoot, the founder of The Well Armed Woman. And today we’re going to talk about our brand new holster, the in the waistband holster by The Well Armed Woman.

I am so excited about this holster. We have a lot of challenges, as we all know, and we see a lot of improvements in products coming out that really do work to meet the needs. And what we’ve been doing is listening to you and I think we’re really getting close to perfecting it.

So here’s a couple of the key features. First off it is a Kydex fit holster. Historically, there’s always been a very limited number of models. Well, we’ve changed that. We have in stock 17 of the most common fits, and then we also have orderable 145 others. So unless you have some really strange gun, the odds are we’ll be able to make a holster for you. And what’s really great is that you get that within seven days, so a very fast turnaround.

The other really fun part is the color options. We have, I think, 16 or 17 color options, from clear and nude to yellow, pink, green, black, all kinds of different things. Our standard colors are the TWAW purple and we also have the TWAW carbon black, which is a really cool, sleek kind of black and gray woven looking pattern. And that you can see on the website.

Then we also have a custom color, which is The Well Armed Woman Fruit Punch, so it’s kind of fun take it on camo with pinks and purple. So that’s also another one that’s available.

Some of the key improvements that we’ve made; one is this holster is ambidextrous. And what that means is that the clip is removable and can go on either side. So if you’re left handed or right handed it doesn’t matter; it’s all the same holster. That is a really great thing. It’s great for us and I know it’s great for the lefties, who typically are forced to wait a long period of time to get their left handed holster. So that’s number one in improvement.

Secondly, is this very ultra slim laying clip. You can see that we placed the clip on the low end; it’s recessed into the low end of the holster where the trigger guard is. Where typically we see it as on top of the barrel. So a couple of things, one is, there’s a screw here which potentially can cause some damage to your barrel so we’ve eliminated that. And secondly, having it on the barrel rises it up farther, which means that it takes up more bulk in your pants. We just cut the bulge down by about an inch by moving this clip into the recessed area. So that’s a really exciting improvement.

The other thing is that this is a tuckable clip, so again, you can wear it on the inside and you can tuck your shirt down and it’s a very deep one, so that works really well if you want to tuck your shirt in. This also has an adjustable cant, and that means that you can adjust, like adjusting a screw, you can adjust this cant if you want the grip to be angled in a particular direction, just by the proper cant. So you can customize that.

It comes with what we call a Vibra-Tite, which is a thread locker. So when you get your holster it’s locked in and it will stay that way until you choose to move it. Which if you do, you just need to heat it under a blow dryer, which will soften it, and then you can adjust the cant and then it will lock back into that position.

We’ve also sent with each holster a little bit of extra. It is reusable, but you may need it again. But that way you can change the cant whenever you want to, and it’s a really cool product. So we’re excited to include that with your holster.

Another key feature is the adjustable ride. Each holster has a series of holes, and the models will vary. This one has two holes; this one actually has three. And what that allows you to do is to adjust how high or how low the holster sits in your waistband. The higher the hole that you place your clip the lower in your pants it will ride, so the grip of your gun is even lower. This is really significant, especially with the larger firearms where that grip starts to creep up and get in the way. Now with a really large firearm you can’t get that below the waistband but we can help minimize that with this adjustable height.

Another key feature is the sweat guards, it’s on both sides, and I’ll show you. This is my Shield and it is unloaded. I’ve tested that. When the firearm’s placed in the holster, the sweat shield goes all the way up along the side. And what that does is it protects your clothing and your gun from your sweaty arm gets hot; and that’s on both sides. That’s a really great key feature.

So I put the Shield in here in this one, and in this model, which I’ll demonstrate, will be a smaller firearm which is my Kahr P380. And this one’s unloaded, as you can see. That’s the Kahr P380.

This is a clamshell so you can hear it fits. It snaps onto the firearm, very snug, covers the trigger guard, and then we have this up here. So it’s very snug. This holster will use the retention, which is the tension between your pant waist, your waistband, and your skin to help keep the firearm secure. So let’s get the Kahr in the pants, as you can see, it’s riding really low which is what’s great.

So drawing from a Kydex Clamshell takes a snap, takes some practice. It’s not a student’s draw like you used to, say, from a leather holster. When you grab the firearm, it’s a jerk, it’s a snap. And if you don’t snap it, you could end up bringing the whole holster out with it. Now we have a really great clip that really holds tight so it doesn’t happen very often. And there we go. As you can see, it fits great.

Now let me show you with a larger firearm. This is a Smith & Wesson Shield. I don’t have a revolver fit with me today, but we will put photographs of an SP101, I think we have coming in today. We’ll get that photographed and up on the website so you can see. Honestly, a revolver has a little more girth, so it’s wider. But because of the sleek fit you’re not adding any more bulge than is necessary.

Here is a larger fit. I like the appendix very personally, I like it right here. It’s all padded and it’s just a comfortable fit for me here. Or we can move the firearm to the small of the back. Here we have it in small. So a great holster, we’re really excited about it. There are all the color options and fits, all that is on the website, so take a look. If you have any questions, of course you can e-mail. But you can pick your color, you can pick your gun model, and really, really carry comfortably in the waistband.

Thank you, and we’ll see you on the next one.

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