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Women’s Holster Talk – OWB Convertible Holster

Carrie Lightfoot, owner of The Well Armed Woman demonstrates and talks about the The Well Armed Woman OWB/Convertible holster.

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Hi and welcome to Women’s Holster talk. I’m Carry Lightfoot the founder of The Well Armed Woman and the purpose of these videos is to give you an introduction to the different holsters, how they work and how you can use them, to find out if they’re a good fit for you. Nobody needs extra holsters that don’t work. And remember, every holster that you order from the Well Armed Woman is returnable or exchangeable so no worries on that.

Today we’re going to talk about the new on the waist convertible holster by the Well Armed Woman. I’m so excited about this because it is so versatile. You can wear it outside the waist, inside the waist, and it has a lot of key features. So let’s get started. Right now I have it on, as an on the belt and it comes with the loops. One of the great things with this holster is that it comes with all the different hardware, so you can interchange them and wear it any way you like. What you’re seeing here is on the waist, and I don’t know if you can tell how slim it is. See how close this holster keeps my firearm to my side. This is really a great feature.

Another key feature is that it is curved. It has a natural curve to conform to your body. No matter where you wear it, it is as tight and close to your body as it can be. This is a huge improvement. Another key feature are the clips themselves are adjustable. You can adjust the ride of the holster up and down to fit your body. Most women don’t have as much room in their waist to really get an effective draw, so by adjusting this to wear it a little bit lower you can create a little bit more room. It also is available in 20 different colors. There are two colors on each holster. There’s a back color and a front color and you can pick whichever two you want, which is really fun. You can really personalize your holster into any color combination that you want. They currently come stocked in 10 models and you can see those listed on the website, and those come with the black carbon fiber on the front and the Well Armed Woman purple on the back. Those are in stock ready to go, but they’re ordable for over a hundred and forty different models so you can choose your gun and you can choose whichever colors you want.

So the interchangeable clips. As you can see here I have it on with the loops, and that is obviously when you’re wearing a belt. It clips. You can take off those loops and put on the clips, that way you can wear with a belt or without a belt on your waistband. That is going to clip onto the outside of your pants. This is basically designed to go anywhere from your midsection around to the small of your back, and that’s where that curve on the holster really comes in handy, this curve on the holster. So now, if you take those clips off and then you mount them onto the front, now you have an in the waistband holster. What I’ve done is I’ve taken off the belt and now I have the clips for an in the waistband so I put them on the front. Using my Sneak Peek 238, which is unloaded, and there is nobody on the other side of the camera. I’m going to put that down and then I’m going to put the holster on, we’ll put it on the side now. In the waist it clips to the front. Here we go. So there you go.

I’m really excited about this holster, I hope you are too. There’s lots more information on the website, you can see all the different color options. We have a fun new leopard print, zebra, red, green, blue, camo, just about everything that you could think of. Visit the website,, and you’ll find other products and videos to go with those and lots of great information and resources for you as a woman shooter. I hope you found this helpful and look forward to seeing you on the next one.

Here it’s shown with the belt loops on the waistband. Here we have it with the clips for on the waistband and here we have it configured for in the waistband with the clips reversed.

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