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Women’s Holster Talk – Belly Band

Carrie Lightfoot the owner of The Well Armed Woman demonstrates the versatility of the 4″ Belly Band and the Comfort Carry Belly Band

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Hi and welcome to women’s holster talk. I’m Carrie Lightfoot the founder of the well armed woman and I do these holster videos to demonstrate the different holster options that are available to you as women and to make the shopping a little bit easier. I know how hard it is to purchase things online and then the disappointment of when it doesn’t fit or doesn’t work. So, all products that and holsters that are purchased at the Well Armed Woman on the website are returnable or exchangeable. So, don’t worry about that. But let’s try and eliminate some of the questions with these videos.

So today we’re going to talk about the belly band. I developed a women’s version of the belly band and I gotta tell you I love it. Most women are short wasted we don’t have as much room to work with as a man does. So, with a larger belly bands it just there just wasn’t the room to get a decent draw. So, we’ve narrowed down a bit made a little bit more comfortable no sticky tough rough edges on you.

But this is the four-inch belly band and the reason I love the belly bands so much is its versatility. A belly band isn’t just for bellies. One of our favorite uses of the belly band is to wear it low so you can wrap the belly band more around your hips and then depending on where you place the holster pockets you can get a kind of off the hip draw. You can wear it under slacks and get a basically as similar to the in the pants draw or carry with that. So, wearing it low is a great option.

Another thing you can do and our belly band has a number of different holsters on here for magazines different size guns. So, there’s holsters all the way around but another good way is up high. So, you can take the belly band and wear it up high under your chest under your bra and get a very similar bra carry. So, the grip firearm sitting right under here kind of taking advantage of that natural shelf that we have.

Then of course the belly band can be worn in any rotated position right around the middle. So, in measuring, what you want to do is you want to measure yourself around the middle and that’s the measurement you’ll use when you’re making your selection on the website for your belly band. And the four-inch belly band comes in sizes from extra small all the way up to 2x. So, a lot of size options.

We also have this is also available in black for those of you prefer a black holster and then we also have the same holster available in a five inch. So, this is a little broader so for larger firearm perhaps or if you’re a larger longer wasted woman then the 5-inch would be a good choice for you.

So, we’ve tried to offer a couple of different options we think it’s really comfortable. The testimonies that come back and the product feedback is really positive on these. Of course, the wear something like a belly band it’s not a kydex or a leather that’s going to last years and years and years. So, you know length is something. You may have to replace once a year once every two years depending on how often you use it. So that is the belly band option.

I hope this is helpful to you can find this on the website and all the other holster options are there as well. Along with a lot of different resources for you.

So, any questions you can email us at and we look forward to seeing you on the next video. Be safe


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