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Where Women Concealed Carry – 2021

Where do women carry their concealed guns? The answer – all over the place! Women have numerous options for carry locations. Given the wonderful curves, “attributes” and the diverse clothing styles women wear, women have the opportunity to utilize numerous options. There are some interesting patterns in the location preferences of women over the years and, some new surprises this year.

Let’s take a look at the most popular preferred concealed carry locations for women in 2021

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Again this year, carrying her gun In The Waistband is the most preferred. Given its ability to provide great concealment it also provides easy and quick access to her gun if she were to need it. These most important benefits can’t be found in any of the other concealment locations and they are why the majority of American concealed carriers, both women and men choose this as their go-to way to carry.

Once again, carrying in a Concealed Carry Purse is an extremely popular method of concealed carry. With this method, however, you sacrifice some on quick and easy access to the gun. But,  gain in the ultimate of ease and comfort. Not having to have a hunk of a gun in your pants or elsewhere is the main appeal to women.

It’s important to note that along with it taking longer to access and draw your gun from a purse, it also creates the risk of others gaining unauthorized access to the gun. Any time the gun is off of the body such as placed on the floor, on a desk, or on the back of a chair, unauthorized people have access to it. These are very important things to consider. Clearly, women are willing to assume these risks and hopefully, this choice comes with the commitment to specifically training the draw from their purse to gain the improved comfort purse carry offers. We have a great article to read if you are considering a concealed carry purse – check out The Concealed Carry Purse.

Belly Bands and Wraps continue to be a very popular choice coming in 3rd place. These bands keep the gun close and out of your waistband. They also provide exceptional concealability taking advantage of a woman’s “assets”.  They are extremely comfortable too.

On The Waistband carry is also very popular. OWB provides both exceptional comfort and very easy access. With the holstered gun sitting outside of the waistband it is extremely comfortable but does require a cover garment such as a vest, sweater, or long shirt to hide the gun from view.

New to the list is Pocket Carry! We haven’t seen this mode of carry represented in any significant numbers over the years. This is an interesting development and likely holsters such as the Sticky holster which are very popular here at The Well Armed Woman Store make it a much more comfortable and appealing option for women.

Other Popular Carry Locations With Women

Underarm – The majority of women who carry here, utilize a tank top or wrap underarm carry holster to carry here.




Bra – This form of carrying REALLY takes advantage of the “shelf” created by a woman’s bust. The draw can be quite a bit more complicated and requires special training and practice.




Ankle – This is such a comfortable way to carry, but because the ankle is so “far” from you haneds, it makes access to your gun in a hurry difficult




Thigh – Thigh holsters are a real necessity when wearing dresses and skirts. Especially dresses.

Thigh Holster Shorts

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One thought on “Where Women Concealed Carry – 2021

  1. Roberta Abramson says:

    Thank you for the article, I found it very interesting.

    I carry 3 different ways depending on what I’m wearing and where I’m going.

    1. is the OWB, your magnetic holster.
    2. is the IWB, the sticky holster.
    3. is a Fanny Pack with the front zipper compartment large enough to hold my .380. This way it is never off my body.

    I always worry about the gun in a purse because you have to be extremely careful about putting my purse down anywhere.

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