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Where Women Conceal Carry – Infographic

The top locations and conceal carry holsters women love

One of the most important issues we work on daily with our customers is finding the right conceal carry holsters for them. Holsters that work with their bodies, their clothing and their favorite firearm (another issue we assist with daily is finding that ideal firearm to fit your needs. You can read my recent article “The Top 10 Guns Are Women Buying” here). We want every Well Armed Woman to carry their firearm with confidence knowing that it is safely secured and within reach when they need it most.

You all know I love data right? I know, I am strange! Actually, I am driven to bring women gun owners information and products that they not only need but want, too. To do that, it’s essential for me to stay current on all that is happening in the women’s firearm industry and watching sales data. However, it is also as important, if not more so, that I also listen to you, women gun owners. I listen to your wants and preferences to make sure the products we develop or carry meet your needs and provide the quality you demand. I have created a survey at the end of this article for you to complete if you have products or ideas that would make your life as a female concealed carrier safer and more comfortable.

What Does The Holster Data Show?

Women's Favorite Conceal Carry Locations - Info-graphic

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Under Arm Holster Flashbang Belly Bands OWB Holsters IWB Holsters CCW purses Deep Pouch holster Ankle Holster Thigh Holster All Holsters

Reviewing the sales data of The Well Armed Woman, LLC shows us some exciting trends. First, and MOST striking, is that the majority of women are carrying their firearms IWB (In the waistband). 42% of our customers in fact.  This is the safest way to carry for two primary reasons; the holster provides you with almost instant access to your firearm should you need it, and the holster also keeps your firearm out of the hands of those who must not gain access to it. This tells me that women, our customers, are educated and informed and want to carry in the best location to provide them the best advantage, should they ever have to protect themselves or those they love with their firearm.

When we look at the numbers for OWB (On The Waistband or Outside the Waistband) and the numbers for the Belly Band, it tells an even more powerful message. These two holsters carry the firearm in what I call your “Sweet Spot” or the area on or around your waistband. If we add all of these “Sweet Spot” numbers, it brings the percentage up to a whopping 67%!

So Many Holster Choices

There are a variety of creative locations and conceal carry holsters for women to choose from to maximize concealment for their lifestyle, body, and clothing choices. This is something I think is very important to us as women, as our preferences can vary so much from woman to woman. Even though carrying in this “Sweet Spot” is ideal, there are times when conceal carrying here just might not work. We must have options so that no matter what, we are carrying our firearms with us. After all, as the saying goes, “It’s better to have it with you and not need it than to need it and not have it with you.”

The key to making sure any holster location is a good one (other than a quality holster) is practice. It is a must to practice your draw with all of your holsters from any spot which you carry them using your UNLOADED firearm on a regular basis. Keep in mind that the farther your holstered firearm is from the “Sweet Spot,” the more difficult it becomes to access, get a good firing grip, draw and get on-target. Below is a video I did for NRA Women “Tips and Tactics” which discusses and demonstrates this.

Remember that if it ever becomes necessary for you to use your firearm for your self-defense, it all comes down to time, which you likely will have very little of. Seconds in fact. You must practice shortening the time it takes you to draw your firearm and reaching your target safely. This is as important as the gun you choose, the holsters you wear and the firearms training you do.

Have an idea or way we can improve holsters for women? Share your thoughts in the form below!

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Under Arm Holster Flashbang Belly Bands OWB Holsters IWB Holsters CCW purses Deep Pouch holster Ankle Holster Thigh Holster All Holsters

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