Top Selling Women’s Holsters of 2015

Top Selling Women’s Holsters of 2015

I have to say, I just love digging into numbers and stats and seeing the picture they paint. I think it can be very helpful to “see” what solutions others with similar concealed carry challenges are finding effective for their concealed carry. Just as with a firearm, there is no “Best Holster For A Woman”, There are just too many variables that can make one choice good for one woman, but not effective for another. Things like body style, clothing choices, size, weight and physical limitations must be considered to find the best mode of concealed carry for each woman. But, seeing which holsters are preferred can help to perhaps narrow the field or introduce something new that could work for you.

There are numerous options for women now, more than is shown here, so I encourage you to investigate the holster options in my article About Concealed Carry Holsters For Women and consider their advantages and disadvantages to help you make the best choices. Also, read Building Your Personal Concealed Carry System to guide you through the process of building your individualized system. It’s important to understand that training is required with ANY and ALL holsters. You could be an awesome shooter, have the best gun and the best holster, but if you can’t draw your firearm quickly, safely and get on target – it all means nothing. Women are carrying in some unique locations and perhaps numerous locations during the week. It is imperative that you know where you gun is holstered and be proficient in drawing it all all times.

The top selling holsters below are based on our 2015 holster sales. As the largest online resource for women shooters, we sell ALOT of holsters.  I know most articles start with number 10 to build the anticipation and tease you till you get to number 1, but I am much too impatient for that and who needs the extra stress? So lets get to it.

The Top Selling Women’s Holsters of 2015

1.     TWAW In The waistband

black-carbon-2web iwb prints


The TWAW IWB was by far the most popular seller. With it’s innovative slim ride, adjustable ride height, deep tuckable clip, sweat guard and its availability in 24 colors and patterns makes it hands down the favorite choice.

2.     Belly Bands

belly-band-holster-semi lace belly band in useweb



Belly Bands are one of the most versatile holsters and a real favorite with women. They can be worn high, low around the hips and rotated in any position for the perfect location. Our 4 inch band width and the soft elastic is comfortable on a woman’s shorter waist. They are available in natural, black, white and black lace and a breathable belly band for warmer climates.

3.     Concealment Under Shirt Tank

UndertechTankTop_SizeMDweb tank-white-large-print-size

The snug fitting tank top with ambidextrous holsters is always a favorite option. Comes in black, white and nude

4.     Flashbang

flashbang-peach-bra Flashbang-womens-gun-holster-2

The Flashbang is designed to be worn attached to the middle of the bra and tucked under the underwire of the bra. It is made out of Kydex so that the gun can easily be pulled out by lifting up the shirt and pulling down on the handle of the gun. It comes with 3 straps for different bra styles.

5.     On the waistband Convertible

OWBHolster_BlkCarbonHotPink_Front2bestweb con-iwb-no-guncropped

Voted one of the Top Ten Holsters by American Shooting Journal, the OWB/Convertible holster is 2 holsters in 1! With it’s revolutionary “curved” design, it fits beautifully around a woman’s curves. It can be worn on the waist utilizing either the belt loops or the waistband clips or place the clips on the front side of the holster and wear it in the waistband. It also can be adjusted to multiple ride heights.

6.     Magnetic holster

PUMJ-both brown, black with guns magnetics


The Magnetic holsters are a real favorite of women who don’t wear jeans or belted waistbands. The strong Rare Earth magnet keeps the holster put! Also available in a crossdraw model

7.     The Sticky Holster

sticky-holster-glock sticky-holsterkahr pm-cm9web

The Sticky is sticky! It can go in any location on the waistband with no need for clips. Just tuck it your waistband. Also a great pocket holster. Great with sweat pants, yoga pants and any waistband with some “tension”

8.     Concealed Carry Pack

fanny-pack-pistols-black-lg concealed-carry-pack-lg-2


This one surprised me a little bit, but because it is attached to your waist, it offers a comfortable fanny pack style carry. Comes in various sizes and colors


9.     TWAW Pistol Pouch

ThunderwearOnBody_SizeSMcloseweb twaw-pistol-pouch-



Worn on top of the underwear, under the pants or skirt, this multi-layerd cotton holster is a favorite of women who wear elastic waistbands. It takes advantage of the natural slope of the tummy and comes in multiple holster sizes and colors.

10.  Concealment Compression Shorts

undertech-shorts UndertechShorts_SizeSMweb


A favorite option when wearing a skirt or slacks without a belt. The snug compression fit offers a little shaping too. Available in White, Black and Nude.

Runners Up


11.  Pistol Wear Underarm Holster

pwunder-arm-front-3photo pwunderarm-back-view-cross-strap1

A very comfortable wrap style holster that provides and under arm carry. It has a removable/adjustable shoulder strap that works with any neckline. The deep concealment holster envelopes the entire grip for a very slim carry. NOTE: Because the grip is enclosed and not exposed it is more difficult to access and grip the firearm as the holster must be unsnapped to draw.

12.  TWAW Ankle Holster

ankle-holster-by-twaw-1 ankle-holster-by-twaw-5


The ankle holster is not only a favorite location for carrying a back up gun, it is a great carry location for those that sit for extendend periods.

13.  TWAW Thigh Holster

ThighHolster_WithSkirtStandingRemovingGunweb twaw-thigh-holster-extracted


Designed to be worn under dresses and skirts, this fully adjustable holster can be worn high or low or inside with our without a drop-down waist garter.

Honorable Mention

Compression Leggings  I just had to add these as I know they will be very popular. They are a new product and just came out, so didn’t have enough time to make the list!