Top Concealed Carry Holsters For Women – 2018

Top Concealed Carry Holsters For Women – 2018

The data is in! Here are the top concealed carry holsters for women – 2018.  Once again, you deserve a standing ovation! The Well Armed Woman 2018 annual survey and 2018 holster sales gave us a lot of interesting data, and it shows that the majority of women are carrying their guns in the best performing and safest locations.

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The Sweet Spot

Women are carrying in what I call the “Sweet Spot,” the area around the waistband and mid-section. Carrying here in the “Sweet Spot” area keeps the gun close and attached to the body or clothing and within easy reach. I believe these are strong indicators of responsible concealed carry. Having the gun on the body and within easy reach not only provides the carrier with quick access during a threat, but it also keeps the gun out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have access, such as attackers or children.

Interestingly, the data combined shows a total of 78.69% women carrying in holsters in this “Sweet Spot”! If that doesn’t ring your bell, I don’t know what will.

By The Numbers

Let’s break it down by holster types. The largest segment carries in In The Waistband Holsters” at 40.96%. By wearing these holsters inside of the pants and attached to the waistband, it leaves the grip of the gun within easy reach for quick access.


The holster shown is The Well Armed Woman IWB holster ($35 and up). These holsters are available as-is in certain colors and models, or can be completely customized to fit your gun model and your style!

12.76% are carrying “On The Waistband.” These holsters are worn on the outside of the waistband which provides excellent access to the firearm. However, if concealing the gun is preferred or necessary, a cover vest, jacket or shirt is needed to hide the On The Waistband holster from sight.

The holster shown is the Designer Series by Carrie Lightfoot OWB Holster ($67.95 and up). I created this holster to represent being Empowered with its beautiful Turquoise blue paisley design.

Belly Bands and Wraps

The third-most popular on-body holster is a Belly Band or Wrap. 11.365% wear a band or wrap around the mid-section for concealed carry. Many belly bands like The Well Armed Woman belly band are elastic and wrap low around the hips or high up under the bust or arms. This makes it a very versatile holster. Corsets also fit in this category.

The holster Shown is our 5″ TWAW Belly Band ($45 and up). There are also 4″ TWAW Belly Bands ($43), belly bands in lace ($49), and a corset holster ($99). Read more in this article The Corset Holster – Is it Really That Comfortable?

Underarm Holsters

Under the arm carry (underneath clothing) is quite comfortable and preferred by 6.11% of women. A number of different forms of underarm holsters are available. There is a tank top that has holster pockets under each arm.  There’s also a holster with bands that wrap around the body and over the shoulder to hold and support the holster pocket next to the breast.

The holster shown here is the Concealment Undershirt Tank ($57.99). Wear this versatile holster with most outfits for use in many situations with your choice of our four great colors; black (most popular), white, nude, and ice blue (as shown).


Interestingly, the popularity of the waistpack is rising. Carrying a firearm in a waistpack is the “in-between” of off-body and on-body carry. The waistpack attaches the gun to the body without the discomfort some users experience with a holstered gun worn in the clothing. This offers the comfort of off-body carry with the security of on-body carry. However, this security only lasts as long as the concealed carry waistpack is secured. Take extreme caution, as once removed, you create the risk of someone gaining access to your gun.

Waistpacks or fanny packs have a reputation for being big, ugly, and even “manly.” Thankfully, there are now more attractive and feminine options available.

The holster shown is The Well Armed Woman Waist-Pak ($79.99 and up). It comes in a variety of colors and adjustable for different sizes. There is also an extension strap to increase the size if needed.

Other Holster Locations

The locations further from the “Sweet Spot” are clearly less preferred as a primary carry location by most women. This includes thigh holsters and ankle holsters.  Women want and need the benefit of quick and easy access to their gun, but for women that wear dresses with no waistband, the thigh holster is a natural choice. It’s important to know that the further the gun is from where our hands are, the longer it takes to draw it and get it on-target. We all know that time is critical, and every second lost in the act of accessing our guns impacts our ability to survive. However, if your lifestyle or physical disability has you sitting all or much of the time, thigh and ankle holsters are ideal holster locations.

Ankle HolsterThe Holster shown here the AIKATE Ankle Holster for Concealed Carry, Concealed Ankle Gun Holster with Magazine Pocket for Glock 42, 43, 36, 26, Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380.38, Ruger LCP, LC9, Sig Sauer, and Similar Guns (under $15). This is a great option for those who primarily sit most of the day or if you carry a backup gun.

The holster shown here the Concealed Carry Thigh Holster Compression Shorts ($69.99). These are a great concealment holster for women who wear dresses and skirts.

The Concealed Carry Purse

Not surprisingly, the use of a concealed carry purse is very popular. It comes in at 18.81%. Many women rely on and prefer the use of a concealed carry purse for carrying their gun.  From my experience, many women who carry on the body as their primary mode of carrying also own a concealed carry purse. This is for those times when clothing selection will not allow ease of concealment.

Carrying in a purse is considered the “most comfortable” mode of carrying. For some, carrying a holster on-body is uncomfortable. There are, however, some real shortcomings and risks with this comfort. These include the possibility of access to the firearm by others and the loss of significant time in accessing and drawing the gun from the purse. This requires considerable training. Read more on concealed carry purse advantages and disadvantages here.

Final Thoughts

I believe that your holster is part of a system. It is one of a number of elements necessary for optimal comfort and safety. These all must work together seamlessly for truly safe and effective concealed carry. Read my article “Build Your Personal Concealed Carry System” to learn more. In addition, I also believe that to master any system, you must train and practice. All holsters require a commitment to learning how to draw from your carry position and holster safely. Remember: even if you have the best gun made, are the best shot in town, and have the finest holster available, as long as you can’t draw your gun safely from that holster and get it on target fast, it all means nothing.

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22 responses to “Top Concealed Carry Holsters For Women – 2018”

    • It really depends if you can “reach” around or under to access the gun grip. If you can easily get your hand to your armpit area that you should have no problem.

  1. I love my IWB sticky holster which I carry appendix. It is very comfortable and it stays put. I feel confident knowing where my Sig P238 is at all times when I am out of the house, especially around my precious grandchildren.

  2. Love my flashbang holster! Have carried this way for a couple of years now. It is super comfortable and I have no issues with imprint. Even though it’s not the sweet spot, which I’ve tried and do not find works as well for me in my office setting, it’s better to carry in another spot than not to carry at all!

  3. I carry a Baretta PX4 Compact which is slightly larger and discovered appendix carry is very uncomfortable when sitting. So I now “kidney” carry it behind me and it works very well.

    • Hey Marcia thanks for responding, I too carry a Beretta Px4 storm. I have found it uncomfortable to wear on my sweetspot. I’ll try the kidney carry. Thanks, MJ

  4. Thanks for all the info. I would like to start shooting from the holster sometime too. Looking forward to the class the third Sat of March.

  5. My favorite depends on what I am doing/where I’m going. And being a fluffy curvy lady posses other challenges to my choices. My most loved is the tank tops(blue & black… p.s. I look terrible in white, lol)! Then follows: my shoulder holster, IWB, OWB (open carry), then my bum bag. I will even carry my Kimber Pepper Spray in my tank top in situations I can’t carry (like on school property).

  6. I’m a fluffy girl too and I’ve tried several CC options… the tank shirts ride up and the underarm seams cut into my armpits; my belly band rolls any time I sit down; I haven’t tried an IWB simply because I already have a LOT inside my waistband and I can’t fathom fitting a gun/holster too. So I usually carry in my waist-pak (that looks like a cell phone holder).
    I’m still on the look-out for the perfect holster.

  7. While I was waiting for my cc license to arrive about a year and a half ago, I had decided I was going to carry in a cc purse. However, as the thoughts of having a loaded handgun in a purse that could be snatched away from me or left sitting somewhere (by “accident” of course) for someone to take or a family member to need something out of, etc… I ended up appendix carrying because it really is the sweet spot! Also, I use a magnetic holster now, because I did actually forget my purse in a restroom stall. I was so focused on NOT forgetting my handgun I forgot my purse! Now my handgun is right in front of me on the stall door!
    P.S. When I got to my car I realized I didn’t have my purse and went back to retrieve it, but it was gone! However, a good Samaritan had already turned it in! So, save yourselves some anxiety ladies, the sweet spot with a magnetic holster are a dynamic duo! Imo

  8. Depending on where I’m going and what I will b doing is how I decide which holster to wear. I’m on a safety team at my church and the tank holster works great there. I have a farm so the waistband in the sweet spot holster works there. All other times it’s in my purse.

  9. I have a petit length torso and misses legs. I am 5’3” and have a very short midriff. So I am carrying in an IWB holster, actually the designer series (BEAUTIFUL) with clips on front. I feel special with the luscious colors, kinda like fancy drawers. It is pretty comfortable, but always looking for suggestions.

  10. I have carried successfully in a waist pack, CC purse, Sticky Holster, and IWB and OWB holsters but my very favorite carry method is the FlashBang bra holster. Admittedly, it takes some effort to set up, more than almost every other holster out there. Once done it is simply the most comfortable, accessible and universally concealable carry method I’ve used. If my shirt is so snug the holster prints I simply accent my outfit with a complimentary scarf. I was highly skeptical and never would have tried this holster had my husband not requested one for his ladies only concealed carry classes. It has been a game changer for me because I am now able to wear my firearm completely undetected in just about any clothes in my closet!

  11. I would love to hear from someone that uses the ankle holster. I sit/stand the majority of the day at my day job. Being on the bigger side, I cannot fathom comfort in any of the others. I tried on the belly band, but it just seems WAY too constricting for my body type.

    • My husband carries on his ankle all the time. He loves having it there. Know that it will change your gate a bit as you walk because of the added weight. You will have to practice getting down on one knee to draw. Of course you can’t wear tight pants while carrying on your ankle.

    • I love the ankle holster for the same reason. I sit all day. And I’m short-waisted so anything around my middle shoves up or pushes down. You just can’t do much with “in” clothing like skinny leg pants but for me, I don’t care, I’d rather be armed. Another negative is not being able to carry a very big gun at all, but a small gun is better than no gun 🙂 I keep trying other holsters but keep going back to the ankle holster.

  12. I am a realtor and have learned I have to carry on my body in order to be safe. I am a fluffy gal so that has its own challenges. The Flashbang holster that sits inside my bra is by far my favorite way to carry. No one knows it’s there, it is comfortable and easy to access. Took some practice to figure it out, but I love it. I carry a small gun, though I have a Taurus 9mm that I carry in my concealed carry purse on Sundays. My pastors wife told me it makes her feel better because she knows I’ve got my gun, right there on the front row!

  13. I wish I could wear the belly band / corset style holster. Being very curvy the holsters roll up, slide up, spin around on my waste and just don’t stay where I want. Thus I carry in the sweet spot though I am looking into the tank top option.

    • LOVE the tank top – until I got the tank, I hadn’t met a holster comfortable enough to carry on my body. Now, I much prefer the tank to my CC handbag!

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