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The IWB Holster

The IWB Holster

When you start trying to decide the best way for you to carry your gun you will come across a lot of different types of holsters to carry in numerous different locations. One of the most popular, if not the most popular holster type is the In The Waistband, (IWB) holsters, worn tucked down inside your pants. Being such a popular way to carry with women, it’s worth a deep dive to discover why so many choose this type of holster. If concealed carry is new for you check out my article, Concealed Carry For Women Part 3: Concealed Carry for Women, Where To Start?

 IWB Holsters Are in The Sweet Spot

One of my favorite features of the IWB holster is that it is worn in the sweet spot. If you have been following The Well Armed Woman, you will know my favorite area to carry in is what I refer to as the “Sweet Spot”. This is the entire area around your middle from your hips to just under your bust. This area allows for the quickest access to your gun, should you need to draw and it offers the best concealability.

 How To Wear an IWB Holster

 When wearing any style of pants, shorts, or skirt, the IWB holster can be clipped to the waistband. It is worn down and inside your waistband. Keep in mind depending on your body’s build, carrying a larger gun could poke you when sitting or doing certain daily activities.

When I wear my IWB holster, I prefer to wear it in the fleshy part of my tummy between the hip and my belly button. For me, this is most comfortable and offers me quick access. The softness of this area not only makes it more comfortable but also allows the gun to “press” into me some, minimizing the bulge. There are also undershorts and leggings that come with IWB holsters sewn into them.

carrying my gun - slim carry

 Access to the IWB Holster

Access is one of the most important factors when choosing where to carry and the best holster. You must be able to get to your holster quickly and efficiently. If you cannot get to your holster in the seconds you need to, you cannot get to your gun. Wearing your gun on your waistband places your gun right where your hands are. There’s no bending over or twisting to get to it.

Concealability of the IWB Holster

Another top feature that draws conceal carriers to IWB is its concealability. A good IWB holster is one of the easiest holsters to conceal. It’s buried and hidden by your pants/shorts or skirt which hide it from view and all that is required is an untucked,  looser shirt to cover the grip.

Check out our How To Dress For Concealed Carry – Photos & Tips for great outfit ideas from real women around the country!

how to dress for concealed carry


The IWB holster can be moved and worn anywhere you want on the waistband. It is tucked in your pants so you can choose to wear it closer to the middle of your torso, just off your hip, or worn in the kidney position (worn on the small of your back). Of course, any location that is chosen must be comfortable for the wearer and the draw must be practiced (with an unloaded gun). Take, for example, the Sticky Holster– this pocket-style holster made of a non-slip, slightly tacky material, has no clip, and you can slide it anywhere you want around your waistband. You don’t need to wear a belt and simply need some tension in the waistband to keep it in place. Although it’s not Kydex, the material is quite thick and offers good trigger protection. It may be a good option when your waistband is not strong enough for a Kydex holster to clip to and stay put.

Finding the Right IWB Holster

When you look for an IWB holster there are many options out there. Actually, it’s more like zillions!  I prefer IWB holsters made from Kydex. This material gives great retention as it is a form fit to the exact specifications of your gun model. Made from a hard thermoplastic, it also provides optimum trigger protection. The holster should completely cover the trigger guard area of the gun.

If you can, try to find a holster that has an adjustable ride height. This allows you to adjust how high or low the gun sits in your waistband. This allows you to find a height that provides for getting a good grip to draw. This also allows you to get more of the gun down into your pants for better concealment. For women with short waists, being able to wear your holster a little deeper also gives you more room to properly draw and clear your holster.

Look for IWB holsters that have as minimal extra Kydex material as possible. It should be trimmed close to the shape of the gun. There is no need for extra “plastic” around the edges that will only cause you discomfort. Look for rounded, smooth edges, not rough or sharp unfinished Kydex.

There is a newer accessory to the holster world known as the Grip tuck wing. This nifty device was created to use tension on your waistband to help tuck your grip closer to your body. This can greatly aid with concealability. The TWAW Slim Carry Holster is a Kydex holster that features this grip tuck wing. You can also adjust the ride height, and it is super slim with smooth edges.  I developed this holster to feature all of the key features that make for a great IWB holster. This holster is especially great for women whose clothing styles and bodies demand them.

Final Thoughts

Carrying IWB, In the Waistband, is the most popular way to carry for the numerous reasons discussed above. With great access, concealability, versatility, and a plethora of holster options – it has it all. Finding the right holster, with the key features necessary for successful IWB carry is the key.  Your clothing choices are also extremely important. When you can wear a belt, do so. The support a good belt provides is worth getting used to wearing one. However, when a belt is not an option there are many good options available. See the data from our 2021 survey of women with the stats on exactly where women prefer to concealed carry.

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8 thoughts on “The IWB Holster

  1. Jo Acreman says:

    What happened to the magnetic IWB holster? I love mine that I got many years ago and need another one for a different gun – Sig P238

    1. Carrie Lightfoot says:

      Hi Jo, we no longer sell products on our site. You can still find the holsters online, they are made by a company called PU Products.

      1. Misty Hall says:

        Hi. I bought a minimalist holster for my EDC a few years ago…..Suggestions on where to get one now that the TWAW site is no longer selling these products?
        Thank you

        1. Carrie Lightfoot says:

          Hi Misty,
          We have a page that lists our recommended manufactures. The minimalist holster was made by Neptune Concealment and they are right on that page (with a promo code for a free gift too!) Where To Shop

  2. Dorothy Benthine says:

    Is there convertible IWB/OWB Slim Carry Holster for the Taurus G2C ?

    1. Carrie Lightfoot says:

      Hi Dorothy,
      There should be an option for the Tauraus G2C in the Slim Carry holster however, this holster is not convertible. The company that makes our Holsters (Neptune Concealment) has the Slim Carry (IWB) or the OWB options but we do not have one that can be swapped between the two types. The following link is to a page on our site where you will find our trusted manufacturers and promo codes to use while shopping there. Thank you! Where to Shop

  3. Danielle Vaughn says:

    Where can I purchase the Slim Carry Holster?

    1. Carrie Lightfoot says:

      Hi Danielle,
      Please visit this page where you will see a listing for Neptune Concealment. You can go to their page from there and order the slim carry holster. I hope this helps!

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