Concealed Carry for Women

Strong Women Require Strong Gun Belts

Has this happened to you? You found your ideal firearm and the perfect IWB/OWB to go with it, but when you clip it to your belt, it starts to sag – or worse- your firearm moves out of place? You need a gun belt.

This is all too common when wearing any standard belt with added weight. Standard belts may work fine when it comes to holding up your pants or accentuating your curves. However, the minute you clip on a 2-3 pound firearm to it, it will twist, sag, and just does not perform.

In order to fight this, we have seen a huge surge of gun-belts on the market. Generally, a gun belt appears no different than a regular one, but there are a few small tweaks that make all the difference.

The Belt Itselfbelt gun belt

First off, a gun belt is reinforced with either multiple strips of leather or lined with metal or kydex. This is to allow the belt to hold and support the added weight of a firearm without it sagging or twisting. This is essential for carrying, as you need a truly solid and stable platform from which to draw your gun. If you were to wear a belt not designed for carrying, and your firearm drifts, the risks associated with that are immense. Anything from reaching and not getting a good grip to having the holster flop and moves when trying to draw.  These issues can seriously impede your ability to get your gun out and on target quickly and safely.

best gun belt buckleThe Buckle

Another important factor is how the buckle is secured and fastened. In a traditional belt, if the buckle isn’t securely fastened, it could come undone or come apart. This would leave you scrambling to secure your firearm. What if your attacker were to grab you by your belt and pull you? A weak buckle would give and slip, releasing your firearm from your waistband and leaving you vulnerable. Gun belts have a buckle that is securely fastened or comes with screws to secure the buckle to the belt. One of our favorite belts can withstand 1,000lbs. of pull without failure!

The Challenge

Now to put all this information to use and actually find a good gun belt that fits women! Men always have waistbands, always have and always will. Most belts cater to this fact and seem to be created for the larger male. They are thick and have large bulky buckles… no thanks! After years of searching, I have finally found the best gun belt for women. Click here to discover your next (and last) gun belt from my article Best Gun Belt for Women.

Final Thoughts

To some, the quality or features of a gun belt may not seem as important as the holster and firearm. However, it is the platform that your concealed carry system is built on. All of your equipment must work together as a system so all components of your system work flawlessly together. Your holster belt It is the foundation that literally holds your firearm to you. Without this foundation being strong and reliable, there is no telling what can go sideways when it comes time to draw your firearm.

For me, whenever I am wearing a holster that is secured to a belt, I wouldn’t trust my self-protection on any discount store belt. When carrying a gun, I use a gun belt.


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