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Quality Does Matter – The Concealed Carry Purse

The Well Armed Woman is known for providing functional and comfortable concealed carry holster options. We offer holsters that work and that are reliable and we provide you with the content and reviews you need to make the best decisions for your personal concealed carry.

On the body carry is ALWAYS best. It is hands down the safest method of concealed carry. However, for those times when you simply cannot carry your gun on your body, the quality of your concealed carry purse should be the number one factor when choosing one.

Keep in mind, as with all of the holsters we carry here at TWAW, the purses we offer are carefully selected – we hold our products to high standards.

The purse(s) you choose must be of the highest quality. When it comes to your safety, you are going to want QUALITY and RELIABILITY.

Think about it this way; you spend the money on a gun that works best for you, endless hours of your time on training and education, why would you choose to use a holster that is cheap and will fail you when you need it most?

Below are some important considerations and features that demonstrate purse quality and why we carry Gun Toten' Mama's at TWAW.

Legitimate Testing for Reliabilty

Gun Toten Mama’s is the only concealed carry purse manufacturer that has qualified instructors test each and every purse design for its draw and usage prior to production.

  • If there is an issue with a safe draw – the design it retooled.
  • This also means that if it cannot be fixed, the design doesn’t make it to production.

These purses work as they should!

High-Quality Purse Construction

  • These purses are constructed with durability and reliability in mind.
    • They are constructed in the same fashion as luggage – Tough!
    • GTM uses durable thread and the stitching pattern will last!
    • The hardware used is high-quality so zippers will not jam while trying to draw.
  • The gun compartment includes a little extra padding to prevent printing.
  • They are made from genuine leather.
    • This is not only a timeless fashion statement, but it will hold up to the test of time!
  • Straps have an 11-ply steel wire – this prevents purse snatchers from slashing the strap to steal your purse

Quality Features

  • They have begun incorporating RFID protection into their design – the only concealed carry purses like that on the market!
  • They have access to the gun compartment on both sides of the purse – this allows for either a right hand or left-hand draw.
  • Every purse comes with a holster. If you carry in a purse you HAVE to have a specific place designated for your gun and it must be in a holster – read more on this in the article- PURSE ARTICLE

These are just a few of the reasons that when you are using a concealed carry purse, it should be a GTM purse.

Do not leave your safety to an untested, sub-par purse – Your life is worth so much more!

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