Your little secret
Concealed Carry for Women

Keeping Concealed Carry Private

You choose to take your self-protection into your own hands.

You choose to train and prepare for being the one that steps up and says “not me” or “never again”.

This is your choice and it is no one’s business but yours.

Mind your own business, world.

In the world we live in today, disagreement, arguments, and judgment surround us. With so much angst along with a lack of understanding and tolerance for the concealed carry lifestyle you have chosen, many want to make you feel like you are  a paranoid gun nut if you are known to be carrying.

I say “no more!” It is time we carry confidently and confidentially live our lives as armed self-protectors free from worry about what others think.

So, how do you do this?

You Keep Concealed Carry Private

How does the saying go?

“what they don’t know won’t hurt them” …  But will keep you alive

Keeping your concealed carry world private does not mean you care about the Second Amendent any less or you are afraid of what others think. You are simply maintaining your privacy and avoiding unnecessary hostility.

Unfortunately, as a gun owner, you could be confronted or even bullied for owning and carrying a firearm and your support of the Second Amendment. With people so agitated, there is the risk of someone going as far as “SWATting” you if they see your gun. “SWATting” is the act of notifying law enforcement with a false report which results in a misguided dispatch of law enforcement on someone whom is innocent.

Keeping your concealed carry private means you are taking the high road and are not making your choices the topic of debate.

Your little secret

Follow my 5 steps and carry confidently again, in privacy

Holsters Are Key to Keeping Your Secret

Having the right concealed carry holster is essential to keeping concealed carry private. Make sure you have a few different types of concealed carry holsters that can be worn with any outfit you wear. Want to learn about the differences in the concealed carry holsters available for women? Check out About Concealed Carry Holsters for Women

keeping concealed carry private with holsters

What is a good concealed carry holster? This is a holster made for a woman to safely conceal the gun from view. These holsters must fit our bodies properly so we can conceal them comfortably and easily. Finding the correct holsters for you and the best attire to wear for optimal concealment with it is key.

Ladies, there are holsters out there for us! Holsters that are smaller, slimmer, softer, and versatile that are made for women and made to fit our bodies and our vast clothing styles.

Click the image below to check them out!

Your Clothing

Wear clothing you are comfortable in and that have the features that support keeping your concealed carry private. Prints and and clothing that is looser with excess fabrics are a concealed carrying woman’s best friend! With today’s styles, it seems like there are so many different patterns out there and tops that flow in all the right places.

Check out these great articles for fashion ideas.

We also have a great resource that compiles pictures of real women in the outfits they wear when carrying concealed. These are not the instagram babes that wear the clothing you would never touch. These are women like us.

Dress for Concealed Carry – How To Photos 

The Biggest Part of Your Secret: Your Gun

Carrying the best gun for concealed carry is another key factor. You must take your body size, shape and your clothing styles into consideration when selecting your concealed carry gun. Think of it this way; If you are a tiny, petite woman who likes to wear tight fitting clothing, carrying a full-sized or large gun successfully on your body is doubtful. Unless you wear looser clothes with the features ideal for concealed carry, you will struggle to conceal your gun. If you are fuller-figured woman, trying to reach into a larger bustline or mid-section to draw a small pocket pistol burried in all of that “good stuff” may be difficult.

Keeping your gun a secret

Your Mindset Could Give You Away

Pump your self up with confidence! What you see is not what others see.

If you are constantly tugging where your holstered gun is, you are drawing attention to the thing you don’t want anyone to know is there! Thinking that everyone around you sees a giant holstered gun walking around creates an insecurity and preoccupation that only pieques the curiousity and attention of those around you.  This only invites people to notice and their eyes will be drawn directly to where you are fidgeting. Having the right gun in the right holster and truly dressing to keep concealed carry a secret will not only work, it will also bring you the confidence you need.

concealed carry with confidence

One final thought on Keeping Concealed Carry Secret

Yes, you are choosing to not bring up the subject and be openly public about being a concealed carrier. However, it is important to note, this does not mean you go silent on your rights. “Speak up” by using your power of your voice to speak up and to vote. Make sure you are informed on the anti-gun legislation and make sure you vote for what you believe in.

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22 thoughts on “Keeping Concealed Carry Private

  1. Mia Evans says:

    It’s interesting to know that you are taking the high road if you’re keeping your concealed carry private to prevent yourself from being a topic of debate. I just want to learn more about this because I actually plan to attend concealed carry courses, since I want to have my own firearm for self-defense purposes. Because I am now living on my own it is going to give me a sense of security if I know that I can protect myself somehow if I have to go home late or if there is a threat in my own home.

  2. Nanc says:

    It’s called concealed and carry for a reason. Keep it to yourself and avoid conflict.

  3. Lynn says:

    We discuss guns and carrying only with others who have the same mindset we have. I carry everywhere I go, even (or maybe especially) to church, but no one knows. Our (medium sized, fairly prominent, downtown) church has a security team who wear wires and lock all but one door 10 minutes after service begins, and I suspect they are guarding that one door, but I don’t know all the security team members so I don’t know. I am sure there are other church members who are carrying concealed, and I think the team expects that, so if there were an incident, they would be expecting there to be “good guys” with weapons. But my question is, should I inform the team that I am armed? I don’t even know if the security team members are armed.

    1. Charlene says:

      My husband is the head of security at our church and several of the team members carry including myself. My husband always likes to know any members that are carrying and lets them know he is as well, so if a situation develops they hopefully do not get in a cross fire situation. I’m sure there are some carrying that he does not know about. But it is comforting to him to know a few who could help out if things go really bad. And which direction he could expect to hear shots in that situation.

      1. Lynn says:

        That’s what was in my mind. Thank you!

    2. Jet says:

      I feel you could bring the subject up with out actually telling them you are armed. Ask about protocols & safety. What do they expect from the congregation?

      1. Lynn says:

        I agree, and I was thinking about that as well. Thank you!

    3. Krista says:

      I am a member of the detail team at our church and we have a no guns allowed in our church simply because we have a team prepared and if there are many members with guns, there could be some dangerous cross fire especially since many concealed carry are not trained for a mass shooting situation. If your church has a security team that is trained and has a plan of action, I would suggest they consider not allowing other guns in. I would for sure let them know you are carrying. Our team needs to know every single person who is carrying a gun.

    4. Sarah says:

      Absolutely speak with your pastor and inform him or her of your desire to conceal carry (it’s also the law to have his/her permission to do so on church property in many states). He/she may also want a copy of your permit for the church’s records. And yes, the security team needs to know. If you are carrying then you are part of the security team. If your church has a seminar on church security, go. Communication is VERY important for everyone’s safety.

  4. Autumn says:

    After having my CCS for two years I slipped up when talking to my Mom who lives in another state. We visit her a couple of times a year and she flipped out saying she didn’t want a gun in her property. It was a big blow up. We finally agreed that we would Keep the gun in a safe and if we were out with her we would leave it at home which neither my husband or myself really feel comfortable doing. Does anybody else have experience with family members like this?

    1. Autumn says:


    2. Lynn says:

      Thankfully, no. We do reassure my daughters that when they and the children visit, our weapons in the house are all locked away, although we still carry concealed when we go out. And when I visit them (out of state), I carry a lockbox for my gun. But all my relatives do have at least one gun, so no one is anti-gun. You have my sympathy, seriously. I would hate to have someone close to me say they didn’t want a gun on their property; if a bad guy comes, HIS will be the only gun there, and it amazes me that people don’t realize that!

    3. Sarah says:

      Autumn, sorry for your situation. My best advise to be well read and knowledgeable of the concealed carry laws for your mom’s state. Assuming that you have reciprocity, respect your mom’s wishes on her property and lock your weapons in your car. When going out I’d just say nothing and carry. Be discrete and she’ll never know (unless you are going to any legislated gun free zones, like a hospital). She does not have the right to prohibit anywhere but her own home. As a last resort, get a room. It will probably shorten your visit, but that’s her call. Don’t be bullied.

  5. Tiny Package says:

    I conceal carry because I’m not leaving MY safety in anyone else’s care. It is my right and responsibility to protect myself. I carry everyday at work and no one knows….why carry????? Because we have been on lock-down 4 separate times for men trying to get into our building. We have no armed security and are made up of 99% women.

  6. Linda says:

    I feel like Family and close friends you “hang” out need to know you carry . It would be wise to make a plan with them as to what they should do to be safe if you find yourself in a deadly force situation while in their company. They need to without hesitation get out of the line of fire and get to cover or, if that isn’t possible, then to instantly drop behind you and away from you. But if they don’t know you are carrying, they may get in your way, run into the line of fire, panic and get hurt or worse. Hopefully YOU will also be moving to cover while drawing your firearm and not stay in the open making yourself a nice big target. If your companions already know what to do you will have less to worry about and be distracted by and you can focus on the threat. Panicked people do stupid stuff…have a simple plan.

    1. Mary says:

      Your friends are going to immediately look at you. This will draw attention to you. That is for sure. It may escalate the situation. There will be panic. You may not be sure as to what to do. Every situation is unique. Sometimes it is better to wait or comply. These are split second decisions that only you can make. You do not need to have your companions looking to you to save the day.
      Remember, the best thing is to avoid a fight.

  7. Karen says:

    What are your thoughts on staying with friends/family that don’t know that you carry?

    1. Carrie Lightfoot says:

      Hi Karen,
      In this situation, everyone must be safe. If there is a chance a friend or family member could happen upon the gun, you need to know that they are able to handle the situation safely. Not telling them does not necessarily mean they will not find it. You also have to think about the result if you did not tell them, and they found out while or after you stayed with them. Would they be upset you did not let them know?

  8. RC says:

    My children know that I train and carry but they’re kids and blab too. So I explained the C in CCW and I direct their little heads to the opposite side from which I carry so they don’t get a hard handle when they expect a soft tummy. Also, I keep them out of my holster, because they want to see. I save that for the range and train them on safety and awareness. When someone threatens us, I want to be able to protect.

    1. Linda Murray says:

      This is a very responsible approach and explanation for education of children. Revealing the mystery prevents unauthorized exploring. Children are much more understanding of firearm issues when they have a chance to learn the importance of carrying. Also a deeper respect for this fundamental right.

  9. Jay VandenBush says:

    I love your articles. And geared toward women, Many can be applied to men like me. Thank You, Jay

  10. Diana says:

    I agree with all your points. My husband last night blabbed to someone we just met that I carry a gun. I wasn’t very happy about that even though it turned out that they we’re fine with guns. Some of your friends and family might not be as described as we want, so let them know your wishes to be safe.

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