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Holsters for Exercise and an Active Lifestyle

Finding a holster for exercise and an active lifestyle is daunting! If you have tried running, jogging, or hiking while carrying a gun, you know exactly what I mean! Your gun moves around, your holster digs into your side and rubs uncomfortably.

Don’t worry! Not only is this a common problem, it’s a fixable problem! There are a few characteristics you need to look for in an active holster and I will discuss each one below. Being active does not mean being without your gun!

What to Look for in an Exercise Holster

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Safety is Always the Most Important Factor

As always, safety is the most important piece of your concealed carry system. Thankfully, safety doesn’t have to mean discomfort! One thing to look for in an exercise holster is a reliable trigger shield. Soft holsters are a favorite for exercise and activity but some can be made of materials too thin to protect the trigger from being pressed accidentally.  There are holsters, like The Sticky Holster, that are soft but are made with a thick material that offers dependable trigger protection. If you use a soft holster that does not prevent trigger depression, it’s imperative to use a Trigger Shield and make your holster safer.

An Exercise Holster Needs Retention

There are great holster options for exercise that really hold your gun in place. What you want to avoid is a holster that allows your gun to move around. Why is this an issue? Because it is critical that your gun provides a solid “platform” to securely hold your gun in place, allow you to get a consistent and solid grip when drawing,  and to keep your gun from falling out during activity and exercise.  Even if your trigger is covered sufficiently, you want your gun pointing in a safe direction AT ALL TIMES and held firmly in place. Retention comes in many forms; velcro straps, button straps, waist tension, molded plastic, etc. Make sure whatever holster you choose holds your gun where it needs to be.

If You’re Exercising, You Need to Be Comfortable

Running, jogging, and hiking for long periods while carrying a hard-shell holster can be very uncomfortable. The holster can rub and dig into your skin causing pain during movement. The last thing you want to do is leave your gun at home because your carry method is so uncomfortable! The Well Armed Woman has developed an ingenious “pad” that can eliminate these issues. The TWAW Comfort Shield provides a cushion between you and your plastic holster. Find an exercise holster or system that provides the safety you need with the comfort you crave.

Drawing From Your Holster is Still Very Important

None of the previous characteristics will matter if you can’t draw your gun from your holster! You need to be able to reach your holster and draw with ease. Of course, this will take some time and practice. However, if you can’t draw after consistent practice and effort, the holster is not right for you. Avoid an exercise holster that is created from material so soft that it won’t “let go” of your gun. You will also want to avoid a holster that is so complicated or so deeply buried in your clothing that you can’t get to your gun when you need to!

Your Exercise Holster Should be Concealable

You need to keep your gun concealed, even when working out. Just because you’re wearing yoga pants and a tank doesn’t mean you can show your gun. Consider the movements you will be making when exercising, this will help you know if the holster will provide proper concealment. While you are standing still with your arms down, your holster may disappear… what about when you’re running and pumping your arms? Is the holster still hidden? if not, you may have to find a different option. Find a holster that has all the other characteristics AND provides deep concealment.

Great Exercise and Active Lifestyle Holsters

Check out this table to see what holsters we have that will work for your active lifestyle! You can click any image to learn more and purchase the product.

Holster categories
Belly Band 3 stars
Concealment Shorts 2 3/4 stars
Underarm Holster 3 stars
Conceal Leggings 2 3/4 stars

Final Thoughts

Exercising is an important part of your life to keep you healthy, carrying a gun is an important part of your life that keeps you safe. You should be able to carry concealed when you are running, jogging, or hiking! Don’t compromise your safety because you cannot find a good holster. Use this article as a guide to finding your perfect exercise holster.

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4 thoughts on “Holsters for Exercise and an Active Lifestyle

  1. Carol Hanson says:

    are you still selling holsters.. I wanted to know the price of the sticky holster and only see the video but nothing to purchase it

    – cay

    1. Carrie Lightfoot says:

      Hi Carol,
      We are no longer selling products on our site. However, you can find a list of manufacturers we trust at this page

      1. Rose Marie Fiske says:

        Which site carries the magnetic leather holster for yoga pants. I don’t see a link in the description to find it.
        I really love that little holster Its my absolute favorite. I need to get another one for my new gun.
        I’m sorry you no longer have your store. It made it so easy to have your reviews and products all in n one place.

        1. Carrie Lightfoot says:

          Hi Rose,
          Unfortunately, we do not have a link to the company that makes these holsters. You can try searching for Mag-Jic holsters. I hope this helps, I’m glad you found a holster that works for you!

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