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Concealed Carry Summer Fashion

Summer is coming! It’s going to get hot. Summer concealed carry fashion tends to be more difficult as the days get warmer and the clothes get smaller. As you change into your summer wardrobe, things like sweaters and jackets won’t be helpful anymore. Simply become strategic in the clothes that you wear. But you might be thinking that looking for clothes specifically for concealed carry might be silly. You might also think that the clothes that will help you to conceal will cramp your style… this is not the case! Read these tips and I promise you will find it easier to carry this summer.

Work the Patterns

The hardest part about concealed carry in the summer is trying to hide your gun behind a tank or light t-shirt. Some women can do this easily depending on their shape, size and style but you can do this too! All you need to do is look for shirts with patterns. A busy pattern can be a distraction from any printing that you might notice with a solid shirt. If you are more inclined to wear a fitted shirt, a pattern will make all the difference. Here are some great options I found on Amazon.

concealed carry summer fashion pattern 1concealed carry summer fashion pattern 2concealed carry summer fashion pattern 3concealed carry summer fashion pattern 4

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Go with the Flow

Not a pattern lover? That’s ok! You don’t need to wear a patterned shirt everyday to conceal carry effectively in the summer. Look for shirts that are flowy and loose, you can hide almost anything! Extra fabric can hide your gun. This does not mean that you will overheat. The extra, flowing fabric at the bottom of your blouse can actually help keep you cool during the summer months.

concealed carry summer fashion flow 1concealed carry summer fashion flow 2concealed carry summer fashion flow 3concealed carry summer fashion flow 4

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Embellish and Distract

Like the options so far? Then you are going to love this! Right now, the style is all about that little extra. It’s not about being over-the-top or gaudy but having a little oomph is in! These shirts are not only fashionable and current; they are PERFECT for concealed carry in the summer! You can wear one of these tops in any color or pattern because the waistline has that little distraction. The eye moves right to the button, knots or crossover and no one has any idea that you’re carrying!

concealed carry summer fashion distract 1concealed carry summer fashion distract 2concealed carry summer fashion distract 3concealed carry summer fashion distract 4

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Cover it Up

Another fashion that’s working for us right now… wraps, cover-ups and kimonos! Thanks to everyone who is making the shawl-type shirts in again, they’re available in so many colors, sleeve lengths, and fabrics. Concealed carry in the summer will be a breeze with one of these.  Wear almost any shirt under one of these wraps so you won’t have to add much to your wardrobe at all! Try one of our Under arm Concealment tanks so you holster is built right into your shirt! Look for a light-weight option for summer carry and you will be comfortable in almost any weather.

concealed carry summer fashion cover up 1concealed carry summer fashion cover up 2concealed carry summer fashion cover up 3concealed carry summer fashion cover up 4

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Final Thoughts

It really is all about comfortable clothing options when you’re thinking about concealed carry in the summer. You are going to have to deal with the slight discomfort of carrying your gun but that doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable all around. Choose the clothing that works for you and keep these tips in mind. A few changes to your wardrobe could help you beat the heat while protecting yourself this summer.


Great Holster Options to pair with these cute styles!

Need a great go to summer carry holster? We carry so many. Here are a few of our best sellers that offer the comfort and concealability.

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New to concealed carry? Read Building Your Concealed Carry System to get you started!

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13 thoughts on “Concealed Carry Summer Fashion

  1. Fran says:

    The fashion examples are attractive, but I wish there were more made in USA!

    1. I agree completely

    2. M. Conner says:

      I agree with Fran, I have seen most of these blouses advertised online and they are all made in China. They are all perfectly styled for concealment but the boutiques that carry them have horrible reviews so be careful. They are very pretty styles and would work absolutely perfectly for carrying. I personally have found really well made similar styles at Macy’s by Style and Co. and also Maurices. Might check them out, they’re all prized under $35 or thereabouts. Easy to where, very cool, especially in the hundred degrees plus of Texas.

  2. Glenda Velasco says:

    Patricia Schieber on May 22, 2019 mentions OWB holster. What is this holster? She sounds like we have the same body type and I often have trouble finding a comfortable way to carry my Sig 380. Your magnetic holster sounds like one I could use during the summer so I don’t have to wear a belt with shorts.

  3. Annette FrenchBearden says:

    I’m looking for a way to carry my gun while running in the hit Texas heat. I run long miles 6-20, do sweat & comfort is an issue.

    1. Carrie Lightfoot says:

      Hi Annette,
      have you tried Thunderwear By The Well Armed Woman?
      Or we have an article about exercise with a few more suggestions, click here to read it.

  4. Geri says:

    I ordered an underarm concealed carry holster from your company over a year ago, I kept it but it’s uncomfortable for a S&W 380EZ. I also have a thigh holster. However I don’t always wear skirts or dresses. What is the best and comfortable concealed carry holster for a S&W 380EZ?

    1. Jill Funk says:

      I don’t have a reply, just need an answer to the same question.

      1. Kim says:

        I have the same question. I am 5’2″, 130 lbs and find it difficult to conceal my S&W 380EZ. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    2. M. Conner says:

      I carry the ez in 380 and 9 mm. I have MFT holsters. Can be in or outside waist band. I wear jeans or shorts and wear a good gun belt, but very comfortable. I’m 4’11” short waisted so it fits low enough that pistol is not super high. You might check one out at a store.

  5. Aleta Hoyle says:

    Thank you for the tips for Summer CC!

  6. Kerry Tjalsma says:

    Thank you for this article. It can be tricky!
    I love the examples

  7. Patricia Schieber says:

    I have been dressing like this for many years. I am short and full bodied so this works for me in any season. The biggest problem I used to have is finding the correct level for concealed carry for my Sig P938. Your OWB holster is the best I have tried. I have tried many and own enough to have a garage sale, (yours would not be on display). Thank you for the perfect concealed carry holster for me.

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