Concealed Carry for Women

Concealed Carry For Woman Part 1: Should I Conceal Carry?

Should I Conceal Carry?

As women all over the country of all ages and from every possible demographic consider gun ownership, the question of should they carry their guns concealed is inevitable.

The first question for anyone who is debating gun ownership is Do I need a gun? Once this decision is made and she becomes familiar with all the ins and outs of gun ownership, it is only natural to begin thinking if she should carry on her person. The ultimate tool in becoming her own self-protector everywhere she goes.

When wondering, “should I conceal carry”, there are worries and thoughts that arise that are different than those when deciding to own a gun. This new set of questions can make the decision to carry concealed a bit overwhelming. Are you struggling with the what if’s? In my article I’m Afraid to Start Concealed Carrying, I go over common fears women have and how to go conquer them. A MUST read if you are still trying to decide.

Your Mindset Is Key

As you consider if you should conceal carry, it’s important to know that there is a lot to learn when you start to carry your gun concealed. You have to learn about holsters, safety, drawing from concealment, the laws and regulations in your area, and more. However, one main aspect that is perhaps the most overlooked topic but undoubtedly the most important is your mindset.

You not only have to train your body with the correct skills of drawing, getting your gun on target, etc, but you have to change your mindset and teach yourself to be a confident conceal carrying woman. The article, Concealed Carry Mindset goes over the big topics of how to train your mind. 

So, Should I Conceal Carry?

It will take some time to go from “Should I conceal carry” to “How do I conceal carry”. You will have to figure out your hesitations and if they can be overcome.

If you decide that you want to start to conceal carry let’s move on to the next step together! The Well Armed Woman will be there every step of the way to give you information catered for women.

So where to next? Concealed Carry For Women Part 2 – How to Start Concealed Carrying will give you ideas on where to start learning how to conceal carry. 


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2 thoughts on “Concealed Carry For Woman Part 1: Should I Conceal Carry?

  1. Phyllis Delia says:

    I have sensitive skin. If I carry with a sticky holster in the same spot every day, will it irritate my skin or make it raw after some time?

    1. Donna says:

      A belly band may help. It is most comfortable for me. I am 74 yrs. old and have sensative skin.

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