Carrying A Round In the Chamber

Carrying A Round In the Chamber

We know to best defend ourselves and our loved ones we must be ready, equipped and know what to do if necessary. Winning and surviving is about having the edge in the fight, whether that is in time, equipment, skill, and perhaps even in luck.

What an interesting topic this is. Take a moment and view the video first.

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We need to give ourselves the edge to win. As discussed in the video, there is no doubt that not having a round in the chamber can put us at a great disadvantage and at risk. So why then is having a round in the chamber something we hesitate to do? We after all, carry a gun to be able to defend ourselves so naturally we don’t want to put ourselves at greater risk, so why do so many choose to do exactly that?

We do so because of fear. We fear having a negligent discharge and someone getting hurt.

This is a good thing to not have happen, so being concerned is natural and healthy. It is only responsible for us to do everything we can to prevent it from happening. But fear can also cause us to make decisions and choices without fully understanding the issue and the ramifications. We then make emotional decisions and not ones based on complete accurate information and perhaps ones that are not in our best interests.

The KEY factor in this decision I believe is CONFIDENCE. This is where both the question and the answer lies. Your level of confidence in knowing your gun and handling your gun are directly related to your confidence and willingness to carry your defensive handgun with a round in the chamber.

You are the keeper of your confidence and you are the only one that can raise it. Committed practice and experience is what can and will raise your confidence. Do your homework and due diligence in selecting the proper holsters and equipment to minimize negligent discharges. Practice holstering and unholstering your unloaded gun to gain confidence and skill. Practice shooting as much as you can so you know everything your gun can do and everything it can’t do. An interesting suggestion once shared with me is to put dummy rounds in your carry firearm and toss it on the bed, couch, chair or even let it land on the floor a few times. (of coures I am not condoning damaging your gun, so caution and wisdom must be used) See if it discharges. Try it in every configuration you can imagine, hammer back, safety on, safety off, locked and cocked. You will find what will not discharge the firearm. It may give you a sense of relief to know that it takes some serious carelessness to have a firearm discharge when loaded without you squeezing the trigger. Old style firearms would be a different story as they don’t have as many built in safety features as newer firearms.

Carrying a gun is serious business, with serious consequences. if you are going to carry a gun you need to be READY to carry one and ready to use it. If you are not, than perhaps you should wait until you are. Ready means being mentally prepared, it means you are trained, comfortable and competent to carry and use your gun.

Anything less leaves you and others at risk.


Of course, we each make our own decisions and we each have unique factors in our lives that influence them. There may be children at home that of course must be considered.