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Best Concealed Carry Purses This Season

Trying to find the best concealed carry purse can be difficult! You have so much to think about. Is the purse going to safely conceal your gun? Will you be able to use the purse every day? Are you going to be able to draw your gun from this purse should you need to? To learn more about the basics of concealed carry holsters, including purses, check out our Concealed Carry Holster Section. But for this years latest trends and purses with the best functionality, I have selected the best for this season and laid them out!

The Best Concealed Carry Purse This Season for Travel

best concealed carry purse for travel

This Leather RFID Travel Tote is PERFECT for anyone who travels often or likes to have all their essentials on hand. You can use this as a carry-on bag, a purse, or even a diaper bag. Yes, a diaper bag! Because of the generous size, you can use this bag for almost anything. Don’t worry about identify theft or purse snatching! The RFID characteristics prevent card scanning and you cannot slash the cross-body straps as they are lined with a steel cable. Multiple compartments keep all of your essentials organized so you won’t search for anything you need. Whether you’re looking for a flashlight, your phone, sunglasses or your gun, you’ll know exactly where to look.


The Perfect-sized Bag for Every Day Carry

Blue CC purse

Not everyone needs a huge bag. Some of us only need a bag large enough for our gun, phone, wallet, and other must have items we need on a daily basis. This Indigo Blue Leather Clutch is a great option. And guess what… it. is. Beautiful. Style and function are the two best words to describe this CC purse. The cross-body, slash-resistant strap brings you peace of mind when you carry this bag. Both right- and left-handed women can carry this purse because it is ambidextrous! Carry any compact or subcompact gun in the specialized gun compartment. The removable tassel isn’t just for show, it also acts as a reminder so you know which side you’re carrying your gun on. I can’t say enough good things about this purse!

The Best Concealed Carry Purse for the Glamorous Gal

If you want to add a little glamor to your EDC, this is the purse for you! You need to make sure there is the functionality you need with any purse you use for concealed carry. Some important things to look for in a CCW purse are; a cross-body strap, (preferably with slash-resistant qualities,) a compartment specific for your gun, and ambidextrous. Why should you look for something ambidextrous? You may need to switch arms in case of injury or inability to use your dominant arm.  In addition to the necessities, this stylish purse offers RFID protection. On your next date night or night out with the girls, you will be protected in more ways than one. This is the best glamorous concealed carry purse for this season but would work any time of year!




Concealed Carry Purse This Season That is Oh-So Popular

Big Gypsy rfid tote back


Carry everything you want and need in one of our most popular bags! The Gypsy RFID Tote is in and out of stock because it is so loved by so many. Matte finishes aren’t just for nails this season! This bag’s indigo color and matte finish give it a very current and beautiful look. You can carry this either cross-body or by the handles, giving you versatility you need. Great for a carry-on or daily use, this bag can’t be beat! And, yes, it has all the safety features. Slash-resistant straps, RFID, lockable zippers on the gun compartment… everything you could ever need! Pair that with the stunning, fashion-forward style for the perfect bag.

Final Thoughts

Concealed carry purses are a great option for carrying when you can’t carry on-body. This is especially the case when you focus on purchasing the best concealed carry purse with all the safety features you need! Not only is the purse itself important, but practicing the use is just as important. Practicing the draw from your holster is always necessary. Practicing your draw from a purse is possibly even more important because you have now moved the gun off body so its location may be slightly different at any given moment.  Another thing to think about is your situational awareness. Do you know where your purse is at all times? If not, purse carry will not be for you. If you need an off-body carry option and you know you are ready to commit to the challenges and risks of purse carry, you can’t go wrong with these purses!

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