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3 Keys to Concealed Carry In The Summer

The hot weather of summer can make concealed carry quite a challenge, and for many women, this results in leaving the gun at home. So how can you conceal carry in the Summer in comfort? Unfortunately, criminals don’t take the summer off, so we must find ways to carry in every season.

I wish I had the one true simple fix for you, but I don’t. Here, however, are some suggestions that can help you better and more comfortably concealed carry in the Summer as the temperatures increase, and your clothing decreases! Remember though, there are times, as an armed woman, you will have to make some adjustments and sacrifices to accomplish carrying effectively and safely throughout the year

Concealed Carry in the Summer Tip 1: Go Looser and Longer

Thankfully, light, loose clothing never goes out of style. Looser, lighter clothing is not only more comfortable, it’s cooler because it allows the air to circulate. Wear a long cotton shirt with your summer shorts and skirts to easily conceal your firearm in the waist or on the belt. Patterned shirts and dresses work well to camouflage and minimize the appearance of any bulges.  In-the-waistband carry is a great option and the Slim Carry Kydex Holster is perfect for summer with its print-minimizing grip-tuck wing. The Magnetic Waistband Holster is a very popular holster for the simple reason that it requires no belt or heavy waistband to secure itself to. If wearing summer dresses, the Flashbang bra holster is a good bet, as is the Pistol Wear Under Arm, which is made with breathable fabric. As you can see, there are quite a few good options for concealed carry in summer. Read about concealed carry summer fashion here.

TWAW Slim Carry Holster

TWAW Slim Carry Holster with Grip Tuck Wing

Tip 2: Go Deeper

Summer weight pants, shorts, and skirts mean lighter and weaker waistbands, which can make on-the-waist or in-the-pants carry more difficult. Try a holster that isn’t dependent on the waistband such as the Pistol Pouch that ‘buries’ the firearm down on the pelvic area. Your belly band worn low and on your hips can also be a solution. A bra holster, can also a good choice. The Pistol Wear Under Arm holster is another a great “deep” choice.  Keep in mind however that going deeper brings with it some challenges — mainly accessing your gun quickly and safely. Practice these draws regularly with your unloaded gun. Carrying your firearm off body should be your last choice. Carrying in a concealed carry purse introduces much greater levels of risk and provides access to your gun that no one should have. The utmost care MUST be taken when doing so.

Pistol Wear Under Arm Holster

Pistol Wear Under Arm Holster

Pistol Wear Under Arm Holster

Pistol Wear Under Arm Holster










Tip 3: Go Smaller

Although not the ideal solution, as we don’t want to give up firepower if we don’t have to, carrying a smaller gun in the summer months is an option and is better than not carrying any gun at all. If you can afford a second gun, the very small and compact semi-automatics and lightweight revolvers are very easy to hide. Some are now so slim that they don’t create a bulge, (and who needs more of those?) You may want to research the available holsters for these models prior to purchasing to make sure the type of holster you want to wear is available for it. Keep in mind that smaller, lighter guns will have quite a bit more recoil to contend with. They simply don’t have the weight and size necessary to absorb the energy. Here are some gun reviews that are written by women to help you find the right gun for you.

Charter Arms Pink Lady


Final Thoughts

Stay cool ladies and stay safe! It might take some wardrobe rearranging and some practice with a new holster or new gun (like we need an excuse to get another!) but you CAN carry comfortably in the summer months. Take the time to get your summer concealed carry system right. If you do this, you will be able to carry as easily as you do in the cooler months.

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    Great ideas! I will use them this summer which is two weeks in this part of Texas.

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