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I received the call… Nomination to NRA Board

A few months ago, I received a call that Susan LaPierre would be nominating me as a candidate for the NRA Board of Directors.  After the initial surprise, I knew I needed time to consider this monumental opportunity carefully.  Subsequently, I spent weeks on thorough, prayerful, and critical thought and reflection. I made my decision to accept the nomination, and I am running for the NRA Board of Directors.

I think it’s important to share with you what I considered before making this commitment. Sharing the values, beliefs, experiences, and the responsibilities I examined when making this decision will help communicate who I am, what I have to offer, and how I will represent the voices of freedom-loving American gun owners.

My Beliefs

I’m a believer that God has a plan and purpose for all of us, and that He uses everything we have been, everything that we are, and every skill we possess, for good. Family values and traditions are fundamental to me, and I always want to act in ways that honor my values and traditions. Because of this, I first considered and counseled with family. Second, I sought the council of respected friends and influencers in and out of the firearms industry. I know that to succeed one must build alliances and consider options from multiple perspectives.

I then considered my existing commitments. All have me fully engaged and blessed beyond words:

  • My Company: The Well Armed Woman
  • Nation-wide non-profit: The Well Armed Woman Shooting Chapters
  • Podcast: The Women’s Gun Show
  • Newest endeavors: Warrior Woman Workout and my industry consultancy business

I also had to seriously consider the risk of becoming a more significant target for those that actively and in some cases violently oppose our rights as Americans to own firearms.

My Mission

Then I took some quiet time and thought about the tens of thousands of women whose lives have been changed and even saved through their empowerment as self-protectors.  I reflected on the powerful and influential passion for our Constitutionally protected right to defend ourselves has come to life within them. At that moment, I knew that the voice of the everyday American woman gun owner in the Second Amendment conversation and in the battle to preserve these rights must be advanced. My nomination to the NRA Board could help me to further this mission.

With this in mind, and with this nomination, I have the opportunity to bring these voices to the very heart of this conversation and to the front lines of the fight to preserve our rights.

My Promise

I promise you my devotion to doing my best in representing every single responsible gun owner – man, woman and child. I’m committed to working tirelessly to advance and grow the acceptance, respect, and influence of all Americans who genuinely understand and exercise their Second Amendment rights. I’ll champion you and amplify your voice so that all may hear and I will accurately represent the truth of who you as gun owners are: responsible, safe, intelligent, capable and courageous.

I will work to support the next generations of gun owners and the diverse cultural and political tapestry that is the changing face of the American gun owner. I will work to transform the misperceptions educate those outside of the firearms community.

The NRA works tirelessly: to protect that which is our inalienable right – the right to preserve and protect ourselves and to hold accountable those in whom we entrust with the reigns of governance.

I would be honored to have your support and work with you in these efforts as your Sister in Arms.

As my “running mate” reach out and let me know what is important to you. YOU are the National Rifle Association, and I want to represent you! My email address is

I look forward to the opportunity to work together, with you and to advance our firearms freedoms!


Carrie Lightfoot

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How Can You Help?

Voting will take place in February of 2018 and is open to all NRA Life Members and members who have been a member for five consecutive years. If you would like to upgrade your NRA membership, renew your existing membership, or join now, click here for special pricing.



Join my nomination for the NRA Board campaign team and partner with me on this journey. I seek your input and insights. I will keep you posted and provide you with updates and relevant information you can share about my campaign.


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