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Carrie's NRA Board Member E-Mail List

Join me and partner with me on this journey. I seek your input and insights. I will keep you posted and provide you with updates and relevant information on NRA Board activities.

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One thought on “Join My NRA Board of Directors Update Email List

  1. Brenda Andersen says:

    I am so sadden, but not truly surprised to learn that if if enter search ‘women and guns” it returns women sexualizing themselves! That’s NOT what I’m looking for for. I believe I found what I was I looking for at the Cape Coral, FL chapter on my free night. I thought I had applied for membership when I attended, but apparently not,. In any case, I will join the proud ladies of this group under Sheila’s tutelage… It will prosper, I’m sure.. I will come back when my limited income will allow and I will do my part to dispel the myth that women and guns are about sexualizing who we are….when will the world get past that!

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