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Women, A Neglected Consumer Group In A Man’s World?

There was a great comment posted on The Well Armed Woman’s Facebook page which really identified one of the challenges we have as women as we enter the testosterone-rich world of firearms. It also highlighted the potential we have as a “consumer group” to affect and influence the firearm industry. USA Today reported that in 2011, women made up 23% of firearm owners. This is substantially up from 15% in 2010 and 13% in 2009. In Shelley’s FB post, she mentioned the “desire for women to be recognized as actual, potential customers! I cannot tell you how many times I get ignored…and I don’t like to spend my money where I’m not appreciated!”

Women are a mighty consumer force and we have some very specific needs which must be met in order for us to make educated decisions and correct purchases. This is not an unreasonable request when we are spending our dollars on potentially life-saving equipment and accessories.

Let’s have a constructive discussion on what we need specifically to have these needs met and what The Well Armed Woman can do to not only satisfy what is needed but to be an influence and a voice in the firearm industry. Please share with The Well Armed Woman your thoughts, ideas, and needs on this subject.

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