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What’s In A Name

I have a confession to make. Publicly before all of you.   

I name my guns…

I KNOW I must be the only one who does this strange thing. To go through the process of naming my guns, similar to that of when naming my children is bazaar, and probably means I need to go see a mental heath counselor. Right? I mean, no one in their right mind would give a name to a firearm. Why do I do that you ask? I am not sure I have the answer.

This strange urge overpowered me in the gun store purchasing my first gun. He was beautiful, as soon as I put on the special grips, he had a name.

My new Kimber Tactical Ultra Carry .45 became “Black Pearl” in that moment. I knew I had an “issue” by the look on the salesman’s face. I figured this experience was just because it was my first gun, and that I would quickly return to normal. But then this same strange impulse came over me again as I purchased my second handgun, this time, a female a Kahr P.380 who is now affectionately known as “Black Rose”.

I couldn’t help myself. I knew I had a serious problem when it happened yet again.  “The Empress” a stunning engraved Ruger SP101 .357 who certainly has all of the attributes of her name joined my collection. 

How did I know if they were male or female? After all, there are no “parts” that tell us which gender they are. Guns just have a way of being male or female as soon as they enter your hand for the first time and it happens with long guns too! My Beretta Urika 12 gauge shotgun is named Bear.

Yes there are more, many more but what is the point of airing all of my dirty laundry in front of you, you get the point. 

Can you help me? Is there a cure?  Perhaps I am not the only one who suffers with this urge. Have any of you suffered with this habit? Would you be so courageous to stand with me and confess?


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