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What I learned this year


I know you hear it all the time, everyone is saying it this time of year but this time it’s REALLY true. This year has flown by!!

So much has happened and I need to take some time to process it all in my head. One good way for me to do that is to ask myself what did I learn this year? I think this a more positive way to begin to look back over the past 12 months. So here are some things I think I have learned this year in no particular order, just some significant new insights.

1. Don’t EVER get in the way of a woman on a mission!

I have watched in utter amazement the women who have stepped up and volunteered to help me expand the world of firearms to women by starting a TWAW Shooting Chapter in their hometowns. 150 chapters up and going in 1 year is the proof!

2. The firearms industry is not just for boys anymore!

I don’t think I really need to expand much on this one; the evidence is all around us. Ranges, stores, training schools and manufacturers are all changing what they do and how they do it to meet the needs of women shooters. Thrilling to see!

3. Our Second Amendment rights are not safe!

This last year especially has been very revealing in regards to how our government officials REALLY feel and stand on our Second Amendment rights. Just as we vote with our dollars to support or protest a product or a company, how our elected officials vote on Second Amendment legislation tells us exactly what they really stand for.  This year we have seen so much bad legislation pass, at times I can’t even believe it is true.  Our right to bear arms as we know it is seriously at risk.

4. Women train for their self-protection like nobody’s business!

Believe me, I watch and I listen. Women all over this country are assuming their role as self-protector with commitment and passion. You can see it in their eyes and see it in their dedicated training. NO ONE is going to call them a victim! They research and study everything there is to know about guns, handling, shooting and training and are committed to their growth as shooters.

5. Women are the best ambassadors for responsible gun ownership!

Just talk to a woman shooter. Ask her about firearm safety, safe storage and the importance of training. Ask her about the importance of her right to bear arms and likely she will know the names of her local government officials and how they voted on gun related legislation. She probably spearheaded a letter writing campaign to get her local community involved! Watch her handle her gun safely with the utmost respect and care and finally, just watch her shoot!!  

AND… One can burn their candle on both ends!candle2

Yes it can be done, this I have learned personally. The trick though, is to do it only long enough so that the wicks don’t meet in the middle.


Has this year taught you something significant? Please share.





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