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The Battle of the Bulge

General George Patton

No, not the major German offensive, launched toward the end of World War II, but the daily battle of women all over the U.S. trying desperately to discreetly carry their firearms. The majority of women prefer on body carry but find it so difficult at times, the concealed carry purse becomes the fallback even though for most it is less preferred.

Women have curves, sometimes big ones, but bulges??? No, we would like to leave those to the men! A big bulge in a strange place just will not work for most women. Women are very concerned about the firearm being truly concealed, this is key for them to effectively protect themselves in many situations. A large bulge gives away the advantage.

I think women would be wise to explore how they will carry, what the holster options are for their preferred mode of carry and in many cases, what models these holsters are designed for prior to purchasing their gun. I think we tend to go shopping for the gun first, then struggle with how we are going to carry the darn thing after we get it. For me, my first gun was a Kimber .45 – not a practical carry gun for a 5’1”, 110 lb. woman! But, I loved the gun, loved the way it felt in my hand and loved the power and that is what drove my decision. I did not fully consider how I would conceal it, I rationalized that I would just figure that out later. Probably not the wisest decision. Although I love my Kimber as she was my first, I had to buy another, smaller firearm that I could “really” conceal. Yes, loving your gun and everything about  it is absolutely MANDATORY but so is having it on you all the time.

Bra Holster

There are more holster options for women now, but some are limited in the number of models they will fit, so if a bra holster is really the best option for you, you want to know what models it is available for prior to shopping for your gun. If you can find the perfect match – A firearm you love and a holster you will wear – you will successfully carry your firearm. If it is a mismatch you won’t carry all the time as you should – or you might settle for a less than ideal mode of carry that can inhibit your effectiveness when you need it most.

The Well Armed Woman Thigh Holster

It is so frustrating for women to want to use a particular type of holster to only learn that it is not available for their firearms. There are of course some “universal” options that work very well, but again the size, weight, and width of the firearm is a significant factors.

So if you have not purchased your carry firearm take some time to really consider what type of clothing you tend to wear most often for both work and pleasure and investigate the best options for you. At The Well Armed Woman, I try to help by making and offering videos demonstrating various holsters to help you make the best decision possible. I also offer most holsters as returnable if they just don’t work for you. But do your homework first to minimize frustration and unnecessary shipping costs.

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