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Perfect Products for Patriotic Pets

I LOVE pets and I LOVE my country! Of course, I want to find a way to combine two of my passions! Being a pet owner, or pet mom, is so fun and rewarding. I want to dress my pup in the best patriotic collar around, I want him to eat out of an American Flag bowl, and sleep on a bed covered in old glory. I know many of you well armed woman are pet owners, here are some of my favorite pet products from around the internet!

Coolest Collars in the Continental US

Check out these great, American-themed collars! Your loyal Labrador, Shepard, Yorkie, or mix would look dashing in any one of these. I want my pet to walk around like it’s the Fourth of July every single day. Your pup sporting the stars and stripes will show everyone that you are passionate about your country and your pooch! Click on any collar to learn more!

stars-stripes-collar-1 texas-collar stars-stripes-collar-2


   flag-collar-1flag-bow-collar flag-heart-collar


Leashes and Harnesses

Maybe your dog is a little too excitable to be walked around this great nation wearing just a collar. Why not pair one of these collars with a leash and harness that show your national pride? There are some great options for anyone who wants to deck their dog out in American style. (Click picture for more info)

    star-stripe-leash stars-leashstars-paws-leashstar-stripe-harnesspledge-harnessstripe-bone-harness

Food Bowl Mats for Freedom Lovers

You make sure your pet is well-fed and gets the food she or he deserves. I always wondered if I could take it one step further. I found some of the cutest food bowl mats the cutest food bowl and treat holder in the USA! Feed your pet from a bowl that shows how much you love your country. Keep your floor clean and prevent any damage with these super cool, fun food mats! All are available for purchase, just click the photo to learn more!

 treat-tin flag-mat-2flag-food-mat

stars-mat  american-flag-bowl god-bless-america-mat


Triumphant Toys

Check out these fun toys for dogs of all sizes! There are options for chewers, shredders, fetchers, you name it! One of the best things about having a dog is playing, what better way to play than with an American-themed chew toy? Exercise your pet with pride. Photos are linked to product pages, click to learn more.



Star Spangled Sleep

Using pet beds is so good for your best friend’s hips and joints! Sleeping on the floor is no fun for anyone and sleeping with a pet (especially a big dog!) can be difficult! Get the best of both worlds with a new pet bed! Not only will you create your own declaration of independence (from the tyranny of sleeping with a bed hog… I mean dog), you will add some USA décor to your home! Click on the photo to get more info!

 blue-stripe-pet-bed  flag-pet-bedstripes-pet-bed

Extras for Your Proud Pet

Here are some fun, practical, and weird patriotic products that I simply could not ignore! Your pet doesn’t need to want for anything! If you are going swimming and your pup isn’t the best at it, keep him or her safe with an American Flag life jacket! Can you imagine how cute that would be? If you already have a collar that you love you can always throw a bandana on for added color. Print your pet’s name on one of these truly, terrific tags! If you love Uncle Sam, show it by dressing your pet in an Uncle Sam costume. Right? That might be pushing it, but it’s all in the name of fun! Click on photo to find out more!

  rwb-bandanagun-bandanalife jacket

  uncle-sam-dogdog-name-tag  Flag dog Shirt

Final Thoughts

Show your pets some extra love with a new collar or toy today! Show everyone else that you mean it when you say, “I love this country”. Have fun with it!

If you have a pet that provides you necessary emotional support, you can get official documentation to assist with travel and housing. Please click here to learning more about the American Service Pets and their Emotional Support Animal program.

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