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Never Forget Ruth

I was not prepared….. Not prepared to meet Ruth today.

The day started like most others; busy and my head flooded with the “To Do’s” of the day for The Well Armed Woman. Sipping my coffee and cruising Facebook to see what was happening and who was doing what, I stumbled on a link- something about a retired police detective making the case for concealed carry. Interesting…. so I click the link.

I was not prepared…. I met Ruth.

Ruth, a middle-aged woman, living alone in an apartment –  is just like me. I listened to Ruth on the line with 911. I heard all of it. Tears streamed…as they do now. All of a sudden she was a “sister”, she was a “me” and she was a “you”.

We as women are so afraid to really believe the ugliness and brutality of those that DO lurk just outside our doors. We just somehow don’t want to acknowledge our vulnerability and the very real violent possibilities.

Today, I had a glimpse of what really is possible. Not only for Ruth but for me and for you as well my friend.

My head has been filled with thoughts of Ruth, with thoughts of you, and with the millions of women who, for whatever reasons, have not considered armed self-defense. I realize that not all women will choose to protect themselves with a firearm, but as women, we must face it as an option. Women should explore and educate themselves on owning a firearm for self-defense, doing so does not mean she will necessarily make that choice, but it does mean she will make one based on complete information and not fear. She then will make choices and changes in her life in order to fully defend herself, her way. That is the message of Ruth.

I don’t know anything about Ruth, her life or even what she looks like. What I do know is that I will never forget her. I will do all I can to educate, equip and empower women so that there is never another Ruth.

There is more on this video, a lot of thought-provoking comments and information.  At the end, another horrifying situation but with a different ending. But what has resonated deeply in me and will forever profoundly influence my work, is the message of Ruth.

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