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Love Is In The Air

Yes, love is in the air this month. Valentines Day reminds us to demonstrate the love we have for the special people in our lives with a special card, the traditional heart shaped box of candy, perhaps even a piece of jewelry. I have seen images on the internet that speak of giving the tools to defend oneself as the ultimate gift to express our deep love and care of those most treasured.

We all know that everyday is the best day to tell those that we love just how much they mean to us and just how precious they truly are and I encourage us all to make sure we do just that. I believe those of us that choose to own a firearm to protect ourselves and advocate for our right to do so, know and understand love better than most. Our love of life, the lives of those most special to us and for this country are at the core of why we own and train with our firearms. I am not trying to be corny, but if you really think about it and dig down to the heart of it, these ‘loves’ answer the question why do I own a gun and protect my right to do so fiercely.   

We are so often misunderstood and wrongly mischaracterized as egotistical over-compensators or angry paranoids, when honestly – it’s all about love.

Now, back to the romantic gushy stuff of this season of love… 

Ashley, our treasured customer service angel, whom if you have had the pleasure of dealing with, know is exceptional in this day of almost nonexistent customer service, is getting married next week! We are so thrilled for her and Mike as they begin their life together. 


I will of course post some photos from the upcoming ceremony on Facebook. 

Feel free to send her some best wishes at
If you have a romantic story of love on the range like this fabulous marriage proposal below, and would like to share – send me an email, with photos if you have them and we will spread the news.
Keep up the great job as ambassadors of great American gun owners and get out there and share some LOVE.

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