Holiday Outfits and Concealed Carry
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Holiday Outfits and Concealed Carry

Getting dressed when you carry a gun every day can be daunting. Every day you ask yourself, “What will cover my gun?” “How can I wear this dress and my holster?” “Can I even carry in this outfit?” Now with the holiday’s upon us and holiday parties to attend, it can become even harder. However, I am here for you! I understand the frustration and I understand the need to carry concealed successfully. Let’s look at some great outfit and holster options that you can wear to any formal or informal holiday affair!

Let’s Talk Formal Parties


Wearing dresses to your work or family holiday party while carrying a gun can be so difficult! The lack of a waistband and limited access to holsters causes anxiety with many concealed carriers. However, you CAN successfully carry in formal or semi-formal dresses! There are styles that can lend themsevles well to concealed carry for both concealment and for access. Here are some great style options along with specific holsters that will work with them!

You can click the images to purchase these dresses and get an idea of the styles that make concealed carry easy!

green dress, short, wrap
The wrap dress is perfect for easy access to a thigh holster!
black cross body clutch
Small cross body clutch.
black pumps with strap
Black pumps with crossover strap.
thigh holster short
Thigh Holster Shorts.
Red dress floor length
Long dresses with flowing skirts conceal ankle holsters well!
red evening bag
Red evening clutch.
black short heels
Black dress sandals.
Comfort Ankle Holster
black dress, loose top
The loose sleeves and v-neck are perfect for underarm holsters!
black, red, white bag
Black, red, and white bag.
gold pumps
Gold, close-toed heels.
underarm holster
TWAW Underarm Holster.


Skirts tend to make concealed carry holiday outfits a little easier to deal with. Thankfully you have easier access to your waistband which makes drawing quick and easy. Skirts don’t always have belt loops or structured waistbands so it can still be hard to find good options. You can use many different holster styles with skirts, even when you can’t carry with the traditional kydex IWB or OWB holster.

Click the images to purchase!

black pencil skirt
The form-fitted skirt matched with a loose top is great for concealed carry!
white shirt, loose
Loose formal shirt.
silver shoes
Silver glitter sandals.
concealment shorts
Concealment Compression Shorts.
green skirt
Belly Bands are a skirts best friend! Just pair with a loose shirt for truly concealed carry!
black shirt
Versatile black shirt.
black ankle boots
Black, open-toed booties.
comfort carry belly band
TWAW Comfort Carry Belly Band
plaid skirt
Pair a distracting skirt with a loose-fitting sweater to create a simple and beautiful holiday concealed carry outfit!
blue sweater
Find a sweater that has characteristics that make drawing from a bra holster easy! Like this hi-low design.
green shoes
Green suede, pointed pumps.
Sticky Holster
Sticky Holster


Let’s talk jumpsuits. Yes, these are amazing for women who want to dress up but don’t want to wear a dress or skirt. They can be so comfortable and easy to move in, you don’t need to worry about wardrobe malfunctions. Seemingly, the perfect concealed carry holiday outfit! Alas, there are problems created by the one piece design. How can you get to a holster that is on your body if you can’t get to your body? These outfit and holster combos will help, I promise!

Click images to purchase all outfits, accessories ,and holsters.

Red Jumpsuit
You can wear almost any style when you carry your gun in a concealed carry purse!
black pumps, short
Black, block heel pumps.
Snowflake Necklace
Silver rhinestone snowflake necklace.
black jumpsuit
The best part about this jumpsuit is the wide-leg's ability to conceal an ankle holster!
black sling-back pump
Black, sling back pumps.
Christmas purse
Festive Christmas purse.
Comfort Ankle Holster

So, What About Informal Parties?

Ugly Sweater Parties

Ugly sweater parties are a cultural phenomenon! Not only do you see ugly sweater parties, but December is one month that ugly sweaters are worn daily by the masses. Even if you aren’t a fan of the fad, you can take advantage of it! Who is going to notice your gun printing when you’re wearing a reindeer sweater complete with 3-D antlers, pom poms, and working Christmas lights? Depending on the pants you are wearing, you have multiple holster options available to you. IWB, OWB, belly bands, holster leggings, undershorts, underarm and bra holsters.  Here are some fun sweaters that will really keep your gun inconspicuous!

Click images to purchase any items.

ugly sweater deer
"Ugly" sweaters help conceal your gun with crazy designs and texture!
mid-rise jeans
Classic, mid-rise jeans.
PreciseFit Concealed Carry Belt.
TWAW Slim Carry IWB Holster
ugly sweater cardigan
Cardigans will help to conceal most IWB holsters, including concealment legging holsters!
red t-shirt
Classic, cozy tee.
ankle boots
Black, low heel ankle booties.
Concealed Carry Leggings

Informal Parties Without a Theme

Are you going to an informal holiday party that you don’t have to look a little ridiculous for? Yes, I know you probably don’t need any help dressing for concealed carry on a day that you can wear your normal clothes. But, why not make it a little easier with these holiday party concealed carry options? Flannels, sweaters, and vests make concealed carry a breeze! You can even wear an OWB holster with these tops!

Check them out, if you like what you see, click the image to purchase.

plaid sweater
A flowing sweater over a pair of classic jeans not only looks good, it also conceals your OWB holster!
black long sleeve
Long sleeve, comfortable tee.
Bond Black and Brown
PreciseFit Concealed Carry Belt.
TWAW OWB Holster
gray sweater
Long sweaters with thick fabric will be a great asset to any concealed carrier over the winter months!
green leggings
Fleece-lined, cozy leggings.
brown boots
Warm, fur-lined boots.
Magnetic Waistband Holster
Magnetic Waistband Holster.

Final Thoughts

You may have loved all the options, you may think I need to work on my style suggestions, but the whole point of this article it to show you that you have options! Formal dress does not mean you can’t carry your gun at all times. You have to be creative and learn how to use changing styles to your advantage.

A few things to remember:

You can wear dresses and holsters! Just look for a dress that meets your needs. Long dresses are great for ankle holsters, short are great for thigh holsters. Dresses with a loose neck can accommodate underarm or bra holsters.

Skirts are versatile and can conceal many kinds of holsters. The best for skirts may be belly bands, thigh holsters, or concealment clothing.

Oversized sweaters and shirts are your friend! You cannot go wrong with an OWB holster if you want to be comfortable when you carry. Long sweaters, sweater vests, and cardigans will cover your OWB gun if the material is thick.

Dressing for concealed carry is difficult, but you can work with what you have. I hope this list gave you some great holiday outfit/winter concealed carry ideas! Keep your syle and your confidence to protect yourself. If you have outfits that work for you, please share them in our “How to Dress For Concealed Carry – Photos and Tips” 

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5 thoughts on “Holiday Outfits and Concealed Carry

  1. Robbie Smith says:

    How do women who need to wear hose carry with the thigh holster? Over the hose with the thigh holster? Does it slip? I have one but have to replace it because I lost enough weight that its loose (not complaining) I have a thigh holster from Can-Can but it slips a lot and I have no confidence in it. Suggestions welcome.

  2. Cindy says:

    Question on the belly band. Most of the time I’m in jeans and either a blouse/shirt worn outside or a tank top. I have a compact 9mm. Just how bulky and/or visible would this be? I’m not a skinny person, 5’6” 152 lbs so concerned about this showing extra mid section weight etc and showing. Currently I also use a concealed carry purse but I still have nice purses to use that cannot accommodate a gun in the right way so considering maybe on body carrying. It’s kinda daunting which to do

    1. Carrie Lightfoot says:

      Hi Cindy,
      It all depends where on your body you will wear the belly band. You can wear it lower around your hips, this would be partially, if not all, under the pant line. This may be a good posistion for you. Or you can try to wear it higher, just beneath your bust line (the draw is different for this area), this can prove to be a great place for concealment for some. Here is another article on belly bands that may help you decide. Click the link here >> All About Belly Bands

    2. Mom says:

      The concealment tank is the best way to carry if you have a belly (belly bands are too high for me) but I’m still waiting for a v-neck before I order another one. The one they have here is great, very comfortable and I love it, but it sits up above the neckline on most of my shirts so you can see it.

  3. Dorothe says:

    Great article snd examples. Best wearable article of the year. Thanks for the links, I am placing orders today.

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