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Here We Go Again. Get Ready!

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Sadly, we see another tragedy with a gun and the horrendous loss of life at the hands of a sick and hateful person in Charleston SC. Before the family and friends could even wipe the tears from their cheeks, people in positions of influence, such as the media and politicians, seized this inappropriate moment and “used” it to advance their political agenda for greater restrictions and more gun laws. My reason for bringing it up here with you is to prepare you. Once again, we will be dealing with a abundance of legislative and political posturing.

You know the battle is coming full force again, right? One of the strategies of battle is to keep coming: to keep driving in waves to wear down the enemy, patiently waiting for fatigue and discouragement to set in, so that the final surge is just enough to win the war.

I fear with each tragedy the emotional nerve of those who support the 2nd Amendment but aren’t the passionate, educated gun owners we are, will “fatigue”, and in their ignorance succumb to the pressure. We all must tighten our boot strings and be prepared to voice articulately and repeatedly the facts and truths of guns, gun ownership, and of the Second Amendment. WE MUST NOT GET FATIGUED!

Study up on the facts, share your personal story, and be ready! 

There is so much buzz about all of the women coming into the gun world and the influence we are having on the industry. This is great news, but more important than this is being a force and influence in the politics of guns. Honestly, if we don’t actively work to protect our rights, everything else is at risk.

So, I call on you with the passion, strength, and energy you bring to your training and to the empowerment you feel having the tools and knowledge to protect yourself and your family, to bring some of that to the political world. Pay attention to what is happening locally and nationally, get educated, speak up, and rally the troops! Do something. When women are fired up – STUFF HAPPENS! 

You’re life and your ability to protect it, may depend on it!

Here is a little help and motivation from Bill Whittle. PLEASE watch.



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