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GWG Range Apparel Review

Finding great options for women’s range apparel is an ongoing challenge. To have well-made, comfortable and functional clothes to wear on the range truly designed by and for women is the “dream” we all long for.

We need range wear that REALLY moves with us, not binds us up and make it just about impossible to bend over to pick up brass!

Trust me, I have purchased and tried them all. None really fit right, move well, or truly stretch with you. Most of the pants I have tried have waistbands that are too low which can make them quite uncomfortable. Those low waistbands, shall we say, accentuate the extra “goodness” I have around the middle!

I asked my daughter, Christine, a young mom who is also the COO of The Well Armed Woman, to help me with this review. We took some time off to do a little shooting, some testing and get a little mother daughter time!

Range wear outing

Let’s begin with pants.

I absolutely LOVE the Carbine Pants!  So much so that I wear them on and off of the range, a lot!  The word comfortable honestly doesn’t do these pants justice. I have NEVER worn a more comfortable pair of tactical pants. I hated the binding and bulky feel of typical tactical pants. Even the ones that claim to be stretchy simply don’t stretch enough.

The Carbine pants are soft and move and stretch with you. They even have an adjustable waistband so you can loosen or tighten the waist when you need to! This is such a great feature and one I really appreciate as a woman.  I use this all of the time.

range apparel carbine pants pockets

What makes great range wear pants? Pockets!

They have all of the great pockets that tactical pants typically have but, in addition, these pants include a built-in appendix concealed carry holster. This is such a great feature that allows you to wear them on any day – on or off the range.

All of the pockets are easy to access and the belt loops are in the ideal location for your belt and an OWB holster. I would say, that with the more supple fabric of these pants, a good holster belt is required to provide optimal holster retention when drawing from an OWB holster.

There is also a steel loop on the front just below the waistband, which is ideal for attaching your eyes and ears or even your key ring.

This is one piece of range wear you don’t want to skimp on!

There is one more fabulous innovation GWG brings to these pants, adjustable length! That’s right, there is an ingenious snap system on each pant leg that allows you to raise or lower the length depending on your height or even for the shoes you are wearing.

They can adjust from 28″ to 35″.  I am able to wear these pants with cute boots for an evening out or my sneakers on the range.. Ingenious!!

Great Every day Range Shirt

Both Christine and I are wearing the 22 Jersey Tee. This is a moisture-wicking shirt that has a great, not-too-fitted, fit. It is not too snug or form-fitting, but not boxy either. The shirt really breathes, so no sweat build-up or wet spots under the arms!

GWG has some great jackets and vests that are great range apparel!


There is a built-in holster and plenty of pockets. There is even a zippered pocket on the left chest! It has a nice, feminine style

 The Guardian Vest

In the photo above, I’m wearing the Guardian Vest. Again, the feel is awesome. Even though it’s warm and water repellent it “moves” and stretches so it is extremely comfortable. Some vests are stiff, binding, or too bulky, which is uncomfortable but the Guardian is pliable and soft.

It has a holster built-in and multiple pockets both inside and outside so it is very practical too. I really do love the fit. It also has side zippers at the hips that give it additional mobility. These are especially nice when bending or shooting while moving.

This piece of range apperel can be worn in either an indoor our outdoor range!

Range apparel vest

Great Range Jacket!

Christine is wearing the Sable Softshell Jacket. Again, GWG nails it with the fit and feel of the material. It’s warm, windproof, and moves with you. I normally hate to wear jackets, they add so much bulk and I feel like I can’t move in them. The Sable doesn’t have all of that weight that jackets typically have but it somehow still provides the warmth when you need it.

There is a built-in holster and there are plenty of pockets. There is even a zippered pocket on the left chest! It has a nice, feminine style.

range apparel jacket

And the topper… Hats!

Who doesn’t like a great baseball cap that fits your head perfectly, but looks cute too? GWG has a ton of great hats and I personally own a bunch of them. Besides being a necessity while at the range to protect you from flying casings and blowing hair, there are those days when you just want to wear a hat. GWG always has cute styles and add new ones all the time.

range apparel hat

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3 thoughts on “GWG Range Apparel Review

  1. Joy Turnbeaugh says:

    The GWG pants, are they made for a high waisted woman. I can not wear the mid rise. They are so uncomfortable.


    So the hats have eye glass tabs? Also one GWG was giving TWAW a 10% discount. Will they still do that?

    1. Carrie Lightfoot says:

      Hi Marion, the hats highlighted in my review do not have eyeglass tabs. As for a discount, you can check your member page on to see all the discounts that are available to you. However, I don’t think you would get 10% on top of the bundle deal. Thanks for stopping by!

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